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Erection difference after jelqing

Erection difference after jelqing


I have a question, I have noticed that after jelqing for 5-10 minutes that when I edge to pump blood into my dick, my erection is thicker, yet not as firm compared to when I get an erection/semi to start my jelqing session. Does anyone else experience this? So two questions after this..

1) After a good jelqing session and you edge/get an erection up to 10-15 minutes afterwards does your erection feel feel/look larger?

2) Does your dick look bigger/(just as big) when it is in a semi erect state after a jelqing session compared to when you started

Sounds pretty normal to me.You have just stretched all the tissues in your penis out a whole bunch of times, so, yeah, sounds normal to me.

Like Ray said it’s normal. Eventually that fatter look will become permanent and the size that should occur during a normal erection.

September 1, 2016 - BPEL: 6.675in MSEG 4.75in EL: 5.5in FG 3.75in FL 3.5in

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I found specifically doing a couple of good, tight C Grips, my shaft looks larger than the head. Was tempted to measure if it actually grew in size at all, but I’m confident it’s just because the head didn’t engorge like normal.

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