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Erectile dysfunction after PE

Erectile dysfunction after PE

Someone from told me he knows a few people who tried various PE styles (jelq, pump, etc) but now they can’t get it up. What could cause this so I don’t make the same mistake.


It’s called being overtrained bro. When that happens just take a few days off until your postive PI’s return then resume at a less intense level. Permanent injury from PE is very rare.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I completely agree with Lord Harris.

I actually don’t think manual stretches have too much of an effect on stopping you getting an erection, but, from personal experience, ballooning, kegeling and jelqs etc can definately effect it. Don’t let this scare you - it isn’t permanent. In fact, in the long term, these exercises will give you stronger and bigger erections than you’ve ever had before. Just train sensibly. I personally also opt for a low masturbation rate since it really knackers out my unit. Each to their own.

Started:| 14 cm (unsure if BP or NBP) EG (mid-shaft) - 10.75 cm |

Current:| NBPEL - 17 cm; EG (circum scar) - 10.75 cm; (base) 14 cm |

Short-t Objective:| NBPEL - 18.5 cm EG (circum scar) - 11.5 cm |

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