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EQ of glans

EQ of glans

Hey all,
As you may know from my previous threads, I’m looking for EQ and obviously size gains. I get night wood, but not always early morning wood. One thing I’ve noticed, even with Viagra, is that the glans are not always as plump and swollen as they could be despite a solid erection with Viagra, is this odd?
I hope this will improve along with EQ in general.


My glans probably quadruples (or more) in volume between the flaccid (turtled) and EQ10 erect state. Keep in mind I am a grower…

My glans at least doubles in volume between an EQ8/9 and an EQ10 erection. That’s one thing I have observed.

No, it is not odd, sometimes the blood will not distribute proportionally due to physical states. You can change this phenomenon by jelqing the blood to the glans, just like squeezing a balloon at one end, it will plump when you cook it.

At the most plump state my glans seems substantially thicker or bigger than my shaft (my shaft is just a little over 5” MSEG). I would estimate my glans is at least 5.5” in girth when ‘plump’ but I have never measured it. I’ll be sure to check whether my guess is correct the next time I’m taking measurements.


I have the same problem except I use Levitra. My CC gets nice an hard but both my CS and glans are deflated (can’t ejaculate). Before my ED started (6 years ago) I never heard of a partial erection. Age reveals itself in strange ways.

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