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EQ dropped, gains seem to be incoming

EQ dropped, gains seem to be incoming

Hi lads, just a question.

I’ve been experiencing a drop in my EQ (on a scale from 1 tot 10) of 1 to 1.5 roughly.
Now all in all this should be a bad sign according to the PI thread, however I don’t
Experience pain or anything else that can be interpreted negatively.
My unit does look a bit more fluffy and more veinous, and the flaccid length seems to be
A bit longer.

This made me wonder what could be the reason, am I over-training or is it just the so-
Called ‘amazing isometrics’ thing I’ve recently started doing?

Anyway, here’s the routine:

5 mins warmup + kegels (total of 60, 5 seconds/kegel)
1x30 second stretch (left, right, up, down, front)
2x35 2-seconds jelqs (time per jelq may vary just a little, shouldn’t matter)
5x5-seconds Isometrics on 100% erection level

As for supplements, I take a multi-vitamin/mineral pill, a zinc/magnesium/calcium pill
(Due to my magnesium-shortage mainly) and I switch (per day) between lecithin (1200mg)
And Hawthorn berry (565mg).

It all looks a bit confusing to me, that’s why I’m asking. In the light of the slightly lower EQ
You’d say over-training, however the neutral PI’s suggest an incoming increase in size.

So, what should I do? Is it possible that the smooth muscle in my penis is still tired?

EQ loss or decrease is an indication that you may be over-training.

The penis is a physiological system that needs rest like any other.

You don`t do laps in the pool before a football match or wank before a date, so when the dick loses EQ it`s generally an indication that you need some rest.

And, by the way, be rest assured that you will get occasionally EQ issues while doing PE, and you will also get a bigger dick.

Sometimes EQ loss is a fair exchange for gains, but not for too long.

Rest occasionally.

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