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Encouragement for slow or non-gainers

Encouragement for slow or non-gainers

Hi, I’m Countdown2. I usually post a few threads on a regular kinda basis so a few of you might recognise me.
I was wondering who thought they wouldn’t gain but carried on and eventually did? How many of you have been slow gainers and how long before first gains?
I have P.E’d since March but have only upped my routine in recent weeks. I jelq 400-600 strokes anything from 2 on 1 off to 3 on 1 off.
I have recently been nailing down 10min BTC stretches as I have a good grip. All encouragement welcome. I’m currently 6.25 NBP-aiming for 7” NBP.

Thankyou Countdown 2

Originally Posted by countdown 2
I have P.E’d since March but have only upped my routine in recent weeks.

So for all intents and purposes you have only just started PEing. What I mean is that you have not been actively doing PE for half a year where, in spite of doing all the right things, you have not gotten any gains. This is actually a good thing and you should be able to use it for motivation! You don’t know if you are a hard gainer yet at all. You may even be an easy gainer, provided you actually do a progressive n00b PE routine.


I did stuff just like you are supposed to for 4 months with absolutely zero gains. I think my flaccid might have gotten just a bit better. I ended up switching to hanging which appealed to me for a number of reasons and did get some gains.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Imaru that’s interesting, what worked for you in the end?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Countdown2, if you can keep a consistent routine and are confident in PE, you should see some improvements. I would say try not to vary your routine unless you have to. Have you been keeping a log (monthly, weekly, etc) of your progress?

The Current Goal - BPFL:4.5, BPEL:7, EG:5.5

As of Nov 8, 2008 - FL:3.75, FG:4, BPFL:4, EL:6.25, EG:4.375, BPEL:6.5

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