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Hard Gainers

Hard Gainers

It seems obvious to me that some people are hard gainers when it comes to PE. Some it is for length and others it is for girth. So my question to all you other hard gainers out there is the following:

Once you became certain that you were a hard gainer, did you change anything which caused you to gain better? My current routine is:

5-10 min moist heat
5 min manual stretching
3-5 min moist heat
5 min light Jelqing
20 min intense Jelqing
5x30 sec Horse Squeezes
5-10 moist heat warm-down

I do this 3 on 1 off

I’m wondering if I should do less rest days or pherhaps shortened intense Jelqing with less rest days.

I think it really depends on how your penis feels. If you are not experiencing any uncomfortable pain then I would kick up the amount of days a week you go. I do 7 on and seem to have no problems with pain or over working. I think everybody is different and everyone needs to find there own personal max. But I also think that my maximum gains are made at the highest intensity without hurting myself.

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I must say the first time I did PE about 1 1/2 yrs ago I had no real gain.And I really think it was because I was scared to injure myself.Now i’ve lifted weights for many years and I always lift for max. because I want mass and strength more than definition.So now I really work out hard and in less than 2 months i’ve had 1/2” length gain and 5/8” girth gain.I would say remember your not petting the family dog your working out here.It takes hard work and dedication to achieve results.I’m not saying to injure yourself but you must really go at to achieve any result.

Changed Routines


I started jelquing 3 months ago and was gaining girth but not length. After reading the infinite wisdom gathered on these posts I had learned that girth could hinder lengthening so began a combo of 20” of intense hanging followed by 3-4 hours of using a stretching strap(producing a constant pull fallowed by intense hanging). This worked for me I so an increase of 1/4” in 4 weeks. Remember always proceed with caution when experimenting.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info guys. I’m also wondering if SOME hard gainers are really just guys who are not being intense enough with there exercises. The reason I think this could be true is because it seemed to be what I was doing wrong. As soon as I started Jelqing slower and much more intensely, I finally noticed gains. This was after an on and off year of trial and error. So now that I’m finally seeing results I’m wondering if I should rest more/less or jelq intense for longer/shorter time periods. My results seem very slow, so I still classify myself as a hard gainer. Now I know that many of you will just say I should listen to my dick. I believe this is sound advice, but really only for times when you are sore. If your not sore then should you not rest? I would assume some rest is still needed if that is indeed when the growth occurs. Thanks in advance.

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