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Easy come, Easy go!

Easy come, Easy go!

After doing PE for 2 weeks I saw some very good flaccid gains and stronger erections.

For different reasons I was unable to do it for 2 weeks.

I can honestly say my penis is 95% back to normal…

Is there any way to “secure” gains? I don’t like not being able to stop a week without losing out.

Is it only because I had been doing it for 2 weeks that I lost it?

Any help is much appriciated! Jay.

Newbie PE

Read this thread

Thanks Bird.

Technique understood. I will be doing this twice a week.

Thanks again.

PE is a long term investment. You can’t do it “now and then” and expect good results or results that last. You have to work to get the gains (more than twice a week) and work to keep them. PE works, but it is not the “easy” way to a larger organ.

But if you are constant with it, the gains won’t go away right?

Originally Posted by thesinger
But if you are constant with it, the gains won’t go away right?


Say Jayb, where in the UK are you from?


Yeah the gains should go quite so fast but they will for sure go.. I found that out after my vacation of about a yr from PEing, I didnt gain much to begin with but what I did gain, I LOST.. :( PE for LIFE .or shrink.

8/06 First measured @ (starting over again) BPEL-6.0" X EG-5.25"

10/06 (2 months) BPEL-6.00" X EG- 5.50" BUT NO LENGTH :0(

Second goal to measure on 12/06 (4 months) Bpel-6.25" X EG -5.75"

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