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Dude, Where is my girth dude?

Dude, Where is my girth dude?

Hello people!
I ‘ve been jelqing for about 3,5 months. Basic routine or so.
I’ve seen gains in EQ and thus some length gains from almost the start. About a 0.6” in length.
I still got no girth gains and my goal mostly is girth since I am only 4.8” but of course some length would be welcome.

Lately I’ve increased the stretching reps and I think my dick is getting tired more quickly and I don’t have a very good erection during Jelqing.
For the same period I’ve added an exercise with some clamping with a rubber band (so it won’t be so hard since I am a beginner).
I see that when I do clamping I get like 0.1” girth for a few hours and then I go back to my original girth.. Is that a sign of progress or am I so impatient?

So where is my girth dude?

You’re new at PE. Girth takes a bit of time to show up. Stick to the newbie routine and girth will come.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Thanx for the advice..

I will do that since you say so, cause I see you got some impressive results!

Although even the slightest gain would give me some encouragement!

Hi Ziggy,

what erection level are you jelqing at?


I could say 80-90+.

Starting messurements: 6.0 BPEL , 4.80 MEG ---- June/15

Milestone :7.1 BPEL , 4,85 MEG ---- June/16

Goal (Maybe??): 8.0 BPEL , 5.5 MEG

I believe I got most of my girth from clamping, jelqs and pumping with heat. I usually start with a short pump session with heat then jelq and then clamp. Then go Bach to the pump with heat and jelq once I come out of the tube. Pump sessions are around 15-20 min at 5 hg. Jelq for 5-10 min. Clamp for up to 10 min. Then pump 5-10 min again with heat. When I get out I jelq for 5-10 min then quite often wear a loose cock ring for a while. I have worn it up to an hour at times but it all depends on the circulation and how it looks and feels. If it’s warm and plump and pink not purple and stays that way I go longer. Soon as it starts to feel cold or go purple then I take it off. Never seem to go past an hour though.


After 4 months I can say I got gains like 0.05”. It’s not much but it’s a freekin start!

So for 1” I should do for..

Oh Crap! About 7 years!! :P

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