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Does your ball hurt after jelqing

Does your ball hurt after jelqing

I don’t know if I’m jelqing too hard or what, I’m new and I noticed sometime I feel a tug inside the scrotum near the penis shaft when I do the exercises, but if I lay off of it for a week then I’m good. Is the testicles connected to or near the penis shaft somewhere?

I think it’s just because you are over stretching your skin.

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I think I know what you’re talking about. I usually get that on the colder days I do PE. My scrotum is a little tighter, thus it’s more responsive to the movement of shaft skin. The problem isn’t there when I do PE on a hot day (scrotum skin is more relaxed).

Like Okish6er said, though, it could be because you’re over stretching or grabbing too much skin at the base when you go for a jelq. Instead, try pushing your skin back (gently) when you slide your hand down to do a new jelq. This puts more slack, so to say, behind you jelqing hand and allows you to do a fuller jelq.

Hope that makes sense.

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