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Does the girth slow down the length gains?

Does the girth slow down the length gains?

I’m a newbie to PE and the situation is the following:
Here is my progress thread:
Starting seriously

I’m planing something like an 1.0-1.5” length increase and 0.4-0.8 girth (first numbers are the main goals). Currently at 6.25 NBPEL and around 5.2 MEG (not sure, measurement day after 2 weeks). Recently I increased the number of jelqs and added some new techniques- I do some of the jelqs on higher erection level, around 80-90%. Only after 2-3 sessions like that I felt my dick much thicker, which made me think that this technique will boost the girth gain (I think this technique boosted my EQ even more as well). My question is if a girth increase now at the beginning will slow down my length gains, cause the length is my focus? The greatest thing would be to gain both equally, but for me length comes first, and after reaching my 1 inch goal will focus more on girth. I love jelqs so I don’t want to avoid them…

So what do you think?

Try doing jelqs at a lower erection level whilst going for length gains. High erection jelqs are very stressful on the penis, but for a well conditioned penis and careful practitioner can be a very powerful technique in PE. Do not rush into it if you are a beginner.

I got that idea also in mind from reading from others PErs. A few like aggolb emphasized in hanging and got really good results. Another I’ve read combined hard routines with Peni Master and had excellent results with pics in just 7 or 8 months. However these two cases might be extraordinary. It feels like why not me? I think I better stick with the newbie routine and try experimenting later. It is pretty tempting tho. Let’s see what the well-experienced think about this.

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