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Does sleep position affect pe

Does sleep position affect pe


Was wondering if anybody knew if the position in which you sleep effects your pe gains?

The reason I ask, is because I know that at nite, your cock gets hard from 3-6 times, especially on rest days, to get new blood and rejuvinate the penis..

Now, I sleep on my stomach and am afraid that I may be preventing my penis from getting a full erection at night

Please post your opinions and the position in which you sleep..


Great question, I try not to wad my dick up while I sleep like you said. I try to sleep on my stomach to let some blood pool due to gravity. Just lay it out straight and hope it doesn’t wad up during sleep.

For me it doesn’t matter if I am on my back, side or stomach. I get hard any way I sleep.

Personally, I prefer to sleep on my back with legs wide as is comfortable to keep all my bits as free as possible.

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