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Does natural growth stop when PE'ing before 18


Does natural growth stop when PE'ing before 18

Lets say you are around 14-16 and you start to PE and your penis is still growing, would your exercises stop your natural growth? Or will you get gains and naturally grow at the same time?

I think that PE will enhance the natural rather than prohibit it.

I’m 20 but I started PE’ing a while ago and I just recently discovered this website. I was always curious about that subject, if I should have waited until my natural growth came to a halt and then started PE, but I started around 16-17 I hope that’s not a bad thing

I don’t know, that does PE affect to natural growth or not, but I think it is best to avoid the most brutal methods.

Penis grows naturally to age of 20+-. Age of 18 is usually the age when you come adult by law, but it is not the age when you come adult biologically. Referring to “full grown”, not the age of fertility.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Has PE ever been known to cause erectile dysfunction or any other disorders in general not at a teen age

Hey Max!

How should PE cause the opposite effects (e.g. ED) before hitting the age of 18 as supposed to after the age of 18? Your body won’t give a lot about how we earthly beings count the years.
You’re treading on thin ice, yet as long as you’re not seriously doing harm to your unit (like hanging 20 pounds on it, tractor pulling, excessive clamping, supplement abuse, etc), you’d be on the safe side.
The main reason for this age-restricted access to PE is that it’s unexplored territory. (Btw I wish I had started at least 10 years earlier, I might have a donkey shlong right now)

My questions to you:
- What were your starting stats?
- What was your starting age?
- What are your current stats?
- How long have you been CONSISTENTLY PEing?
- Any further observations?

Be serious about your answers! Your experience will be of help for others! Share it!




I can’t really tell what my stats were before because I had no idea what PE was lol, so I never measured and I heard from very bad sources you can do some stretching and other exercises to enlarge. My starting age was at my late 16’s. The only current stat I know is 6.5” erect length but I don’t know what the other terms are like BPEL or something. My routine was very poor and I had no idea what I was doing some minor stretches and very little jelqing(I didn’t know it was even called that) it was very inconsistent, I would just pick out random days to do it. I gave up after a couple of months figuring it wasn’t going to do much and the after effects would be worse than good. I came here to find a real routine, maybe someone can post one that really worked quick and easy

Originally Posted by Bird2
I think that PE will enhance the natural rather than prohibit it.

I agree, though the risk of negligence is much greater when dealing with younger age groups. Kids should make sure they do a lot, and I mean a lot of reading before beginning PE, and seriously consider exploring the forum until they hit 16 before beginning. If they’re arrogant stubborn bastards and reading this, warm-up warm-up WARM-UP. :)

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Thunder, have you been PE’ing for over a year? If so can you post your gains?


Trust me when I tell you that Thunder has been at this for over a year or two, or six. He is the founder of this place. And I don’t know if he ever posted his gains or not.

Try this for your answer :search:

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SIX YEARS?? Thunder do you have a snake?

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