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Does anyone else think 5.5 girth is pretty damn big

Dunno. I would never be able to draw a real conclusion in any case, but my insight into that would be worth even less, since she A: never had anyone bigger, and B: the American girls I had been with (both younger than my while the Chinese lady was 1.5x my age) had at least 1 guy the size of their respective forearms.

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Originally Posted by Clubber
Not really, regarding the size of a women’s hands. Women have long fingers, and sometimes their hands can be quite close to the length of men’s hands. Your numbers and assumptions are very close though. But I think the 5.5 eg is wishful thinking, because at 5.5 eg there are plenty of women who can wrap their fingers around. So that being said you can’t be big and huge at the same time, which makes 5.5 eg moderately big.

Kate Beckinsale (underworld) has quite the man-hands. I was in shock when she mentioned it on a talk show. She could probably close her thumb & index finger around 6.5”… (her hands were bigger than those of the talk show host I think).

All this talk about women & hands reminded me of this… I used to think she was so hot, but I found the hand thing a bit bizarre.

For those with 6+ girth. Can anybody deepthroat your cock?

Were talking about into the throat.

Originally Posted by Jawbone
For those with 6+ girth. Can anybody deepthroat your cock?

Not so far. But I’m sure there are girls that can. But I’m exactly 6” MSEG. So I’m not sure I fall in the 6+ category.

Originally Posted by Jawbone
For those with 6+ girth. Can anybody deepthroat your cock?

No, but I can’t remember anyone that has tried.

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Titleist, your going to block on most peoples molars, possibly opening a gash on your unit.

Yup, we’re talking about into the throat. I mean what is the cutoff point where it becomes impossible for most (95%) of women?

I know for me 5.5” was deepthroatable, where 6.0” blocked, and also had to be lined up just right. Figured with enough enthusiasm on these ladies 6.0” might be done, on another woman her mouth may be too small.

5.5 girth

Dude I don’t know about 5.5 girth being that big. I have a mid shaft girth of 5.6 and a lower half.of shaft is 5.75 to 5.9, depending on my level of excitement. I have only had a couple of girls tell me that it is girthy. Most have thought it is average or of medium size. This is my pre pe size. My pre pe length is 6.75. I say pre pe not because I have seen any permanent gains, but because I want to make clear that this is without pe. And no I do the toilet paper which measures a hair under ar often from woman that they hav had a numbe thir of penises thicker than mine. Of course, they say they have also had thinner ones. I thinks 5.5 is medium

My pre-PE girth was 5.6” around the middle of the shaft and I didn’t think it was that thick because a) I wasn’t very sexually experienced and b) my length was about 8” so to me it looked ‘skinny’. Well, not skinny exactly, just not as thick as it ‘should’ be in comparison to my length. But I’ve since come to realise that it was a good bit thicker than the average. I think a lot of guys severely overestimate ‘average’ size because they look at stats on forums like this without appreciating that a lot of guys here are thick/long precisely BECAUSE they’ve been PEing for a long time and that the bigger guys are probably more likely to show off their stats in a signature or a ‘how big are you?’ thread than the smaller guys are.

Originally Posted by djrobins
I know for me 5.5” was deepthroatable, where 6.0” blocked

I bet you could manage it if you learnt how to relax your jaw enough. ;)

I think deepthroating is one of things that looks better in porn than it actually is in real life. Sure, it’s a big visual turn-on, but where blowjobs are concerned I find it’s much more enjoyable when your girl is concentrating on stimulating the head - and the underside of the head, oh my - rather than trying to get the whole damn thing in her mouth. For one thing, unless she’s got a really massive gob it’s likely to get uncomfortably toothy if she tries to get too much of it down her throat.

Originally Posted by Carcab505

I thinks 5.5 is medium

Someone just posted this another thread: http://condomsizeandfacts.blogspot….cumference.html

It’s a compilation of results from studies that looked at erect girth. Not a single one came up with an average above 5 inches. Whatever average you choose to believe, 5.5” is well above it.

Yes, I think 5.5 is pretty big and yes, I want more. Six at least. After that, I’ll need to break the PE addiction or else I’ll probably have trouble with my future wife. :D

Originally Posted by Jawbone
For those with 6+ girth. Can anybody deepthroat your cock?

I’ve been deepthroated by two women, lifetime total. Several others have talked all kinds of big talk when I tell them about my size. “Oh I could swallow that to the balls, no problem. I’ll make you fall in love with me”. The one that said that, actually couldn’t even take it to the balls in her pussy. In other words, she had been lied to in the past about guy’s measurements and had NO IDEA what those dimensions really looked like on a real penis. She also complained that she was sore for a day or two after every time we had sex. Reality is, if you’re really into being deepthroated, you don’t want a ton of girth.

I’ve had a lot of women complain about being sore after sex. But for me personally, I just want more for me. For me it is more important that I gain length, but I want more girth too. “Never enough”.

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