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Does anyone do all day BTC stretches

Does anyone do all day BTC stretches

Does anyone do BTC stretches whenever they sit down or fowfers every time they sleep? I was just curious and was wondering if I could notice EL gains from this?

fowfers typically only work flacid length.

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I’m doing that, I’m a newbie doing newbie routine with uli3 in the end of routine, plus 1:30-2h fowfers and 1:30-2h cock ring, with an elastic band.

I to them like an ADS, and I do with some traction.

I think that they help with FL and prevent any turtling.

Maybe if done with some traction and for time, they do something for el, or maybe they help el gains from routine.

I do them as often as I can, I have a wicked turtle situation and am looking for flaccid gains. between the use of my ADS and the fowfers I hope something is working. I ADS 8 or more hours a day using a silicone cup and the leg bungee. I find it somewhat comfortable and no one knows I have it on. I fowfer with a high traction for an hour or two watching TV also fowfer with light traction as I sleep. anytime it comes out I just slip it back between my legs. Good luck and happy growing.

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