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Are you sure you're doing BTC

Are you sure you're doing BTC

I have notice a difference in descriptions when folks talk about hanging BTC. Some say that they are hanging BTC when sitting upright in a chair. Wouldn’t the position of the torso, in relation to the suspended weights actually be the same as hanging SD in that case. I thought BTC meant that the legs were not only elevated (as in up on a chair or desk) but that the torso was leaned back so that the net effect was like doing a fowfer with weights, the penis pulled at a 90 degree angle out the backside. This would put maxumum pressure on the ligs, with the fundiform almost acting as a fulcrum. Could someone give us the official posture?

I am not saying that hanging SD down while seated would not give a different effect than hanging SD while standing, just as raising one foot up on a desk certainly changes the dynamics of Standing and hanging SD. But is it really BTC to do it that way. Help, Bib!

You can put your feet up, scoot your butt down the chair, and still keep your upper torso relatively upright. The angle of the pelvis is what matters.

My chair tilts back, which helps. A strategically placed pillow provides some support for the mid back.

Once at true BTC, pulling the shaft further back (ITC? :) ) doesn’t make it more effective. I’ve tried using a reverse-OTS BTC (strap coming up my back, over the shoulder, with weight plates on my chest) for pulling on ligs while standing. I liked plain, seated/slouched BTC better.

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