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Does anybody know Exercise for upward curve

Does anybody know Exercise for upward curve

Hello everybody.I m a newbie..

My penis is straight and slightly leftward curve.

I m desperate to make it upward curved.

Does any body know any exercise to make it bend upward.

And should it be added to newbie routine or not??


No, but think on the bright side, an upward curve will make your length look a little smaller. Just work on making it bigger for now :) .

To correct a deformation is definitly not for newbies, since we are talking about “erect bends”, which is the only exercice that can create such deformations…
It is easier to just follow classic routines and just make it bigger for now, as said RandomGiant.
But, if it really ruins your sexuality, then:
-Warm up 10 min with hot water, with stretch or while being erect (to increase the surface of contact water/penis).
-Use IR light (not necessary, but better) the whole routine, do some wet jelqs at average erection, to soften tissues and prepare it to more intense deformation.
-Have a >80% erection, do a little squeeze at base, do some kegels, grip the glans with a kleenex with the other hand and make a little forward
stretch + a little bend opposed to the curve. You should feel a LOCALISED stretch on the concave side of the penis.
You need to feel a soft stretch, not pain, do it slowly.

If you are newbie, then seriously, stick to the newbie routine for now, because “erect bends” have the worst reputation, it is known to create thrombosis etc…


Yeah Rock900 I agree with RandomGiant I have to say I have a pretty bad curvature up, and it definitely makes it look quite a bit shorter. Especially when looking straight down at it. When I measure I have to point it down perpendicular to my body just for a decent measurement. So be careful what you wish for.

Currently BPEL-6.5 EG-4.50

Goal size BPEL-7.5 EG-5.75

Is it really that bad to have an upward curve? I’d say I have a LOT of 9 or so. It is discouraging b/c it looks shorter, but I’ve been reading an upward curve is great for sex. What’s the consensus?

I agree, I have an upward curve. While it makes it look shorter from my perspective I don’t think it has the same effect for girls who see it up close and eye level. If I need to see how big it is I can just look at my profile in a full length mirror, then it looks huge. Also, I think the upward curve is great for sex, the ladies seem to like the shape a lot. I actually had a girl tell me that while my dick wasn’t the biggest she had ever been with it felt the best because it seemed to hit all the right spots.

Thanks ncj92.for your reply..

I m going to stick with my routine but I will save your reply for adding to my next routine after a few months.thanks again..

Does anybody know any more ideas to make penis curve up..

As ismellzesty said it really attracts girls alot.that’s why it will really help many people.

I have a slight upward curve as well and my wife loves it. I try to enhance it from time to time with some light erection, light grip, curved jelqs. I basically start at base with an ok grip and very slowly and lightly, as I bring my hand up the shaft kind of roll my wrist up, with my thumb kind of acting like a fulcrum where most of the pressure is. Id like to think that it works, but I am a newbie too so I don’t know. It just gives me another excuse to play with my joint.

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