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correcting curve exercise for hanging

correcting curve exercise for hanging

Hi everyone,
Well i was thinking of a way to hang to correct the bend/curve in my cock, which goes to my right.Yes you read correct,to my right. The normal bend seems to be to the left. But anyway.

All i could come up with was to do all your normal things you would do when you hang. But lie down on the side of your bed, opposite to your curve. So if you bend to the right, lie on the left side and vice versa. Its easier to get into this position when you are wrapped and have your hanging device on but no weihgts just yet.

In position? good. Now attatch your weights, i find it easier to do this bit while sitting up.

Then grab a deoderant can and put it on the left side of your cock (if you bend to the right). You dont have to use a deoderant can just a cylinder shape that your cock can wrap/bend around and over. So not too big.

I have drawn a pic and its pretty bad too. But i hope this gives you an idea of what i am trying to say. If people want to can try and take some pics for better understanding.

My thoughts as to how this works is that you are only really stretching/tearing 1 side, the weak side. So work that side, build it up, bend should go away or at least become less, in theory. Also after the exercise somehow wrap so your cock is still curved. Some how wrap then get a curved piece of hard plastic or steel maybe and just wrap around it over you wrap you already have on. This part im not too sure on how about to do as i have not thought of anything yet.

I just hope to get some feed back and thoughts as to what you guys think. If its a good or bad idea. Ways to improve etc.

Thanks everyone:)

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I think a curve is caused by two factors: one side being shorter/tighter than the other, and the shorter side not getting as much blood flow as the other side. Your technique will address the first potential factor, but I don’t think it will address the blood flow issue. Based on my experiences, I believe that unevenness in blood flow capacity between the two sides is the major contributing factor for many curves. That is what my urologist said as well, although he did not seem to be the world’s expert on the subject. How do you increase blood flow in the shorter side? I would suggest trying to push blood into that side using various methods, such as bending your penis in the opposite direction while erect. Building up the muscles that push blood into the penis should also help. I still have a 20 degree curve, although I have not been disciplined or dedicated in my attempts to correct it.

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