Do you want that G-Spot upwards Curve Better solution here

So I always thought it would be nice to have that G-Spot hitting curve. I started to jelq in such a way I thought it would create that upward curve. But then I switched to the ways that gave me a good PE workout.

I do the overhand okay grip “sometimes” in my routine maybe 5 out of my 25 minute session, and most of the time I do a “you” to “V” type pinch where it still stops the blood from flowing back and creates good engorgement. Like an okay grip does, I just avoid the okay grip because of my turkey neck. The “you/V” type of grip is much easier to do for me without pulling my sack.

I do it below 50% flaccid until the last 5 minutes of my 25 minute routine, then I hit the 80% mark to top it off.

With the overhand “you/V” pinch or what ever it’s called I did not realize I started to create the baseball bat effect. I did not know this because you cannot tell from looking down at it, you actually have to look at it sideways. It’s not wider at the top from side to side, but from top to underneath. The top is straight, but at the top of the shaft on the underneath side it bumps out. Not an injury just a top to bottom ball bat affect.

I only noticed it because time to time I do an “insert-able penis” measurement. Where I push an empty toilet paper roll over my penis and press down, I use it as this is how much “can” go in type of measurement. Not completely accurate of course but I find myself interested in different types of measurement the longer I get into PE.

My starting out BPEL was 5.875 and my EG was 4.375. I am mid way through my 14th week with an ADS + Newbie routine. My 13th week measurement was BPEL 6.5 and my EG was 4.5, my EG dropped from 4.6 the previous week =(. But all is fine, length will be my key focus, then I will start a maintenance routine on length when I start focusing on girth.

So when measuring I decided to pop on the toilet paper roll, I still have burned in my memory of putting it on for the first time and embarrassing myself on how much room was left. But this time was different, it actually had resistance.

I was amazed, the roll never touch the sides enough to give any type of resistance and I knew 4.5 is still 1 inch girth away from not going in. So I get a looking to realize the resistance was from the top part of my gland touching top part of the roll and about just under mid way down the underside of the shaft touching the bottom side.

I took it out and from the top my penis it is still perfectly straight. Call me what you want but part of the reason of avoiding the curve was I didn’t want to lose length measurement. “I know I am a newbie it’s all about the number”.

So the type of grip I used has left me with a straight penis but a top to bottom shaft baseball affect, that IMO will mimic the upward curve I once wanted.

I thought I would share this with you. I stumbled on it accidentally and hopefully someone finds it useful.