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Do you think you have a small penis

Originally Posted by 2Big4u
Which makes them strive to be better than the rest.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself. Well said 2big.

I don’t think I’m small, I am small.

Doesn’t stop me though from being confident in who I am, nor does it make me insecure. You don’t always have to be insecure to be on a site like this to want to better yourself.

The great elm.

No, I’ve always known I had a big dick, but sometimes I want to make it bigger still so that I can be the biggest — typical male thinking :D

If I had an actual small or average penis, I’m pretty sure I’d have major size insecurities due to the porn I watch :(

Yep, at 7 x 5.5 I feel I am small, I started PE at this length and when I’m done I want to be at least 8.5 EL but 9 would make my fucking day.

7.000 Bpel 5.5 Eg

Goals: 8.500 Bpel 6.5 Eg

I have always been insecure about my dick, I’m 6 feet tall and am about 185 - 190 lbs mainly muscle.
All my friends refer to me as the “Big Swede”, but truthfully I don’t feel all that big. I feel that the only
thing on my body that could be better is my dick and my confidence.. and sadly I believe that they are
the same thing.

Not until I can use it too club baby seals will I be happy with my size..

Starting: 6.5" NBPEL, 5" EG

Oct 2014: 7" NBPEL, 5.5" EG

Long Term Goal: 8.5" NBPEL, 6.5" EG = VIKING SIZE!

Yes I did before this forum, but technically I don’t. For this reason I preferred to date small girls, strange how the mind rationalises things.

No, I’m 6.3 x 6 and that isn’t small a lot of you peoples sizes aren’t small at all, just not huge that’s all.

I don’t get why people think a penis under 8 inches is small, It’s all the dick you need, I don’t think a penis under 6 is small, you enter the small side when you get under 4.5, but that’s still enough to give woman pleasure.

I might be obsessed with my own penis size and wanting it to be bigger, but that’s not because I think it’s small, it’s because I’m obsessed with it being bigger and bigger and bigger and..

Everyone has an ideal target but from what I read it’s difficult to be satisfied once you reach it, you just want more, because after all this is an OBSESSION, and if it isn’t yet, give it time, it will become one.

Originally Posted by marshmarsh47
Although at 7x5, I know I’m definetly not small, there’s always this slight paranoia that guys around me might be bigger.and unfortunately, theres a desire to be bigger than them.

Same here, same here!

Started: 15.5cm x 12cm, Now: 19.5cm x 13.3cm, Goal: 21cm x 15cm

I'm going to reach my goal, and there is no one who can stop me! Yes, I'm a persistent bastard :D

My Pictures! I am back baby, and I will hang out with my wang out!

Not small but thin ;( .

An ex girlfriend told me that one day and now I am here.

Start 01/01/09 6.8"BPEL(17,2cm) 4.3"MEG (11cm) Off 01/01/10 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.5"MEG (11.4cm). Back in PE after 4 years off - Back to NB routine the 03/01/2014 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.6"MEG (11.7cm)

Now :7.5"BPEL X 4.6 EG :/ Short Term Goal 7.3"X5" (lenght reached !) Long Term Goal 7.5"X5.5" : hard! (length achieve, desperate about poor girth). New goals : ST: 7.7X4.75 LT: 8X5.1

Originally Posted by tech54098
I’ll be proud once I see some improvment. I think it is just a mental thing, if I gain some more, I’m sure it will help me mentally. I don’t really think (for me anyway) it would matter what size dick I had, I would feel smaller just because I know I can make it bigger. In a way, it is a great motivator. How many people would actually be here if they did not think they had a small dick?

If your dick is really as big as you say it is, you have absolutely no reason to feel bad. You are in the “blessed” category and rival many porn stars with 6 EG. Now is that 7 inches non bone pressed erect length?
No one is going to feel bad for you with the size you have especialy if that is nbpel, which I have a feeling it might be, because you can easily gain an inch. It is a guarantee you will become 8 inches in a matter of time if you do things the right way. I wish I had your girth and believe me the other 97% of every man on this fucking planet wishes the same thing. So stop crying. Don’t take this the wrong way, Im only trying to make you realize how much better you have it then most guys. Especially in the girth department. My god man, you now Peter North has basically the same stats as you if that is a nbpel measurement.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

Originally Posted by tech
Ha ha, sorry I made you hate me. But seriously, I know that I am not technically small. It is just a mental thing that I can’t seem to overcome. The damn media has poisoned my mind, and I have a friend that indirectly makes me feel small since he has a 9” and talks about it way more then I want to hear. Like I said, it’s not so much about the size, it’s about how you feel about it mentally. Yes, I want to improve my size, but more then anything, I want to improve my mindset.

Dude, I have I friend who rubs it in like that to, but just realize he’s just jealous of something else you might have that he doesn’t. I have a friend with a legit 8.5 * 6.5 Nobel. We recently fucked a girl together and she demanded him to stop because he was to big. I was like 8 * 5.8 at the time, but it was after a really good pump and 25mg of viagra. She told me that my dick felt way better and that my friend belongs in a circus. Well anyways, I am much better looking then my friend and this always bothered him, so he rubs it in to make me feel jealous, which works very well because it would be a dream to be that big.
It’s shit like this that can make a blessed man feel like shit. I also have another friend who is super hung. For the longest time I thought I was small because my best friends are so big. There was one friend though that had a 6 incher that was under 5 inches of girth. We showed each other our dicks when we were like 16 out of curiosity. If it wasn’t for him I would of been totally in the dark to what a normal dick should look like as a teenager because the other friend who was super hung used to rub it in.

We were like 16 at the time and used to watch porn together and he used to whip it out and measure it in front of me and show me how he couldn’t fit his barely semi erect penis in a paper towel roll. He always new how much I hated the paper towel roll because he new I could fit in one, but barely at the time and only with lube. But it still drove me nuts. I also have an experience that I couldn’t get a good erection while this 30 year old heroin abusing slut basically ripped my pants off trying to seduce me when I was 18, and it was my first time experiencing such a slut and she just shook my core and gave me a ton of performance anxiety and I got the worst erection. I demanded her to give me a BJ to get it hard because I told he I need you to get it bigger, cause it gets way bigger I told her. She replied “it’s fine” and she immediately layed on her back after she put a condom on me. Worst experience ever. This really deflated my ego faster then an untied blown up balloon.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

I’m about 5.75X5 and I know my penis is perfectly average, but like a lot of the replies to this thread, I don’t want to be average - I want to be the guy that women remember as bigger than normal. I would love to just once hear a genuine comment that my penis is on the bigger than average side. Here’s hoping.

Originally Posted by tech
Yes, I want to improve my size, but more then anything, I want to improve my mindset.

And that is exactly where you should start, that is healthy. Congrats.

Stay here, keep reading, gain some insight and find your identity in who you are and let that be the measure of your self confidence rather than the size of your dick.

Gaining a bigger dick is just like working out in my view.
You do it for health and improving your quality of life, looking good and getting laid because of it are just the positive side effects.

The great elm.

Originally Posted by 2Big4u
Lots of people don’t like to be average anything. So merely knowing there average causes dissatisfaction. Which makes them strive to be better than the rest.

Its called the Human Race for a reason.

Nothing makes you feel small like a woman who says she’s had bigger.

Jan2009: BPEL 7"...EG 5.4" Target June 2009: BPEL 7.5"...EG 5.7" GOAL: BPEL 8"... EG 6.1"

He who hesitates is lost, but all good things to those who wait.

I did feel small that’s why I came here in the first place. Now, not so much. I don’t feel particularly great about my size but it doesn’t bother me as it did before.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Iv not really felt small but after watching porn I wanted to be massive and then found thunders.


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