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Do you think you have a small penis

Ever since coming to Thundersplace several years ago I actually have felt more confident in my size. I’m smaller than you at about 6.75”BP (6.25NBP) by 5.5 and I would consider myself large, not huge but large. I mean I can wear magnums no problem, granted they are only slightly larger. I have added a quarter inch to each direction and do desire to add a little more. 7NBP x 5.75 or so would be my ideal I think, but I’m not stressing about it.

It’s definitely a mental issue. With the plethora of information on this forum about what the true average is and experiences from countless men who have had trouble having sex even at sizes smaller then yourself, maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You seem to have the “Wangorexia” that was talked about in a previous thread.

With that said you are not alone in how you feel, I just don’t happen to share this misconception.

I work with fruit flies and they make me feel small

I know statistically Im “larger than average”, but I dont want to be mediocre or average. At times I look down and I appear to be small. Im sure its psychological but I cannot help it. Thats what porn has done to me over the years.

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Originally Posted by biggerjohnson
I know statistically Im “larger than average”, but I dont want to be mediocre or average. At times I look down and I appear to be small. Im sure its psychological but I cannot help it. Thats what porn has done to me over the years.

I’m trying to stop looking at porn. I looked down at my johnson today, rock hard erection, looked pretty big to me, but there are days where it don’t really look that big to me, fucking weird like that.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

At about 6.5”, I don’t feel small because I know that I’m at or above average and that I am more than enough to satisfy a girl. However, I realize that I can also gain some more length and that would be pretty cool!

Yep I let my mind trick my into thinking my penis would have to be bigger to please a woman all the time. It’s bullshit but don’t let your mind wonder to those dark places. I’m BPEL 7” and apparently bigger than most my mates. Still.. I all ways want bigger.

Nice girth btw tech.

the penis size is just mental. very true about the dark places mudbud. if you find mutual love i don’t think size will matter that way. besides some girls I’ve been with doesn’t get off by cock, only clitoris stimulation, and a large cock is just more work in that situation :P

Stupid questions will get a short answer.

Why even think about it? Unproductive shit thoughts should go in the trash can.

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The media does not help and that along with child hood experiences. Looking at my trousers I do not have a huge bulge. I am a grower not a shower and have average testicle size. And I do not act macho, so people that meet me probably think there is nothing special down my pants. I do not brag about my dick, I know some men with big dicks do brag when talking it is part of their persona. This is not me.

This site has given me more confidence in myself. I can see penis’s and how they are measured. So according to statistics I am above average.
Media is the thing; you watch 100 porn videos and there is one film with this guy with a humongous dick; after watching him you do feel small. It is always the guy with the huge dick you remember, Titleist springs to mind, the guy is huge. After looking at pictures of his 9*7 you do feel small.Who wouldent?
So the answer to the question is no I do not feel small but when looking at porn or pictures of men with humongous cocks, yes I do feel small. Diesel

tech54098, I can understand that even with your size you may have insecurities and you are in need of comforting and validation. On the other hand, I cannot agree with your starting post. The ideas you claim about today’s culture, media and women just reinforce the insecurities other people have about their size. You certainly had no bad intentions, but you actually didn’t do any good to those under-average guys already too insecure. I could argue about anything you claimed except that it’s mostly in your head.

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Even back pre-PE I didn’t think I had a little ding dong.

Now all of you guys with dimensions that place you in the top 1-2% and you still think you be small? Well I want you all to know that I support you entirely in this. You all have dinky-dicks! And since this doesn’t change even with the physical size increasing why bother with PE?

But seriously, perceptions are on odd thing, are they not?

While I never thought myself small I have never felt BIG either. I learned from some of my female friends in high school that while my length placed me at the upper end of average my girth placed my squarely in the middle of, “Oh My God, pound me harder…I’m cumming again!!!”

So intellectually I knew that my size was noticeably larger than dead on average. But nothing felt different at all. Fast forward enough time for some of you guys to be born and grow to adult hood and iamaru finds PE. Partners comment on size and on some days it feels like a snake with a mind of its own on, writhing in my undies. But it is still “average” and I wonder how far my mind can stretch perceived reality for me. 13X9 and would my mind finally let me feel like I was big?

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Originally Posted by tech54098
I see my 7x6 unit as small. Does anyone else have this issue?

If I was sporting 6” girth, no I would not have this issue. CONGRATULATIONS!

This is a pretty good thread on this issue, has some interesting things on the perceptual stuff that makes us see our units as smaller as they actually are. Worth a read if you haven’t seen it:

————-> Wangarexia <——————

If I was sporting 6” girth, no I would not have this issue. CONGRATULATIONS!

The truth is that a girth that large makes the length, whatever it is, look shorter than it is. Damned optical illusion is making me crazy!

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I’m 7.3 BPEL(6.8 NBPEL) by 6 EG and I have problem getting erections based on size insecurities. I’m so focused that the girl will think i’m small and make a comment or spread a rumor saying I have a small dick. It plays on me so much that the past couple times hooking up with someone I haven’t been able to get hard.

Just wondering what method everyone is using when it comes to their stats? When you say 7X6 do you mean BPEL or NBPEL?

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