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Do NOT give up..

Do NOT give up..

…that´s all I can say…
I´ve done it once and today I decided not to do so until I hit the 7” or more.

I started PE:ing about one year ago, I got some results ( I gained 0.5”) , but then I quit…can´t remember why. And now, I would give anything, if I had done my jelqs and stretches. I realized how much I could´ve gained in one year.

I need Your advice! I´ve got problems with stretching, it feels like only my foreskin stretches(sorry about my English). Because I want to get more length…
Today I did jelqs in sauna, I think that it might be a good place to do pe…who knows.

My size is about: 5,2” X 4”
Thank You

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

You did quit, but you are at it again. Stay with your program this time.

With stretches, retract your foreskin and pull only on the bare glans. The shaft is stretching, even though you may think it is not.



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