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Diet, Activity, Chart?

Diet, Activity, Chart?

I think the answer to this first question is obvious, but I’m new, so Ill ask it anyway. Are the gains of people that have a well-balanced diet and regular exercise greater on average than those that are less active and eat a junkier diet?

I’m just thinking in terms of how healing in the body relies heavily on metabolism. That should logically mean that being really fit and eating essential vitamins/etc would allow quicker recovery time and maybe even accelerate adjustment of tissues to exercise (?).
I’d be interested to know how big the difference is, if any.

This must exist somewhere, but I have failed to find it yet so I’ll ask.
Is there a chart that compares different mixtures of techniques and their average resulting gains? Such as, people that do manual stretching and jelqing, but never incorporate hanging versus those that later went on to inclue hanging, etc.

I’m aware that mixing it up and staying fully-rounded in any program is vital, but in the long run, how much difference does the increase in variety make?


I am betting that a healthy life style equates to healthy gains, but I am not sure if there is any proof of that.

As far as the different techniques and resulting gains, I’m afraid that is also a bit of different strokes for different folks. What works for one guy doesn’t work for the other. That’s why the forum has such a variety of methods and each has something to offer.

Then there are fast gainers, slow gainers and no gainers, but I don’t think a study exists as to why. Just too many variables involved.

The best thing to do, is set a goal, eat a healthy diet, learn the proper techniques and stay committed to the process.

Gpent seems to sum up everyhting I have read. Just push forward towards your goal.

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