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Low calorie diet and PE

Low calorie diet and PE


This is my first post. I’ve skimmed through the search engine, but could not find an answer to a question that I have. I have been doing PE for approximately a month and a half. I have gained about 1/4 inch EBPL and about that in girth. I have just started a low calorie diet and was wondering how you guys think this might effect my PE. I work out and I know that it is difficult to gain muscle (typically you lose some muscle) on a low calorie diet. I know the penis is not a voluntary muscle and so diet may have little effect on growth, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with diet and PE. Good or bad. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to delurkerhood. :)

There are two camps on the issue. One believes optimizing healing conditions in the body (good nutrition, maintenance or higher calories) is productive. The other holds that limiting the healing ability by restricting vitamin C intake, maintaining a negative energy balance, etc. is better because our tissues aren’t repairing as quickly between sessions, which allows us to better build on the fatigue from prior workouts.

Personally, I doubt diet matters much. Here are a couple threads:

Gains and negative energy balance
Nutrition’s link to PE

Thanks for the links, not to mention the quick response. I guess I didn’t search hard enough. I feel a little better about going on this diet. The sure way to find out if I can still make gains is to try it out I guess.


I happened to have started the low carb, hi fat and protein diet at the same time I started PE. So while I was losing 20 pounds over a three month period, I was at the same time making remarkable PE gains. Weight wise, I ended up at 174 lbs, which is pretty thin for me, (I’m six feet tall). So although I wasn’t aware, (and still am not aware of a fat pad just above my dick), there may very well have been one there, thus contributing to my bone pressed gains.


BTW, Welcome to Thunder’s!! It’s a great place with many good people.

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Thanks Horsehung.

Yeah, I’ve considered the low carb diet and may try it when I get bored with this. 20 pounds in 3 months is pretty awesome. I’ve heard you can lose pretty quick going low carb. But my wife is not a meat person, so if I went low carb, we’d have conflicting eating habits which means I’d be cooking my own dinner. Anyway, I appreciate the input.

>Thanks for the links, not to mention the quick response. I guess I didn’t search hard enough.<

It’s the attempt that counts. Bless you for searching first. :thumbs: I would have had a hard time digging up info on this too if I didn’t remember reading the threads and the term negative energy balance.

Good luck on your diet (and PE too of course). Don’t skimp on protein, even if your calories are low. There are a few threads about fat loss in the Fitness/Bodybuilding forum.

Don’t think of your penis as a muscle but also don’t forget that your nutrition can effect the way your body reacts to PE. Ex: Protein will repair any damaged tissue in your body (not just muscle). So think like someone who lifts while doing PE. I personally have protein right after a workout and I rarely feel any lig soreness. Even after my first session ever.

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