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Description of sensations you feel in stretches

Description of sensations you feel in stretches

Besides the manual stretch where I go up, I’m not sure how much of a stretch I should be feeling.. Cause it’s nothing compared to when I do my upward stretch. I’m pulling pretty hard too. Any descriptions of personal experiences would be great. I’ve viewed the videos several times, and it seems I’m emulating it perfectly although to be honest it’s hard to perfectly emulate someone when their flaccid wang’s humongous compared to yours

The best stretch I can get is by hanging straight down over a fulcrum. The sensation is heavy burning which occasionally gets so bad that I have to stop. I heat it up with a infrared lamp at he same time.

Later - ttt

These are what I feel when stretching:

Straight Down: A pull on upper base ligs
Left/Right Down: A pull on opposite side of thigh (upper base)
Left/Right Up: A pull on opposite side near the ball
Up: No feeling on the ligs, but upper side of my shaft is hard as steel when I press it
Straight Out: A combination of Straight Down and Up

When doing down direction, I feel mor stretch if I do deep inhale or kegel. When I do SO, I can feel a stronger base if I kegel.

If anyone has different feeling like I do, please share with me as I may have done it wrong.

That’s pretty much the sensations I feel although the up and down gets a lot more of that stretching sensation than do the sides

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