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Depressed about penis

Depressed about penis

Hello, I’m new to PE, been doing it for 2 weeks, hoping for some gains in a few months :)

Anyway, I’ve always had some sort of confidence issues about my penis. The thing, is, I *know* it’s not small, at 6X5. Is this common? Should I go see someone about it? I guess I’m jealous of bigger dicks, but who isn’t? I just want to have a bigger one.. I read these forums all the time and everyone say that women can take a lot of girth, and find large ones (6+) the most enjoyable. I’ve never been commented on my dick, though I’ve only been with 2 girls before. I feel like it’s affecting my entire life. I workout, am smart, funny, and pretty good looking if I might say so myself. At least, MUCH MUCH more than some of my friends that get laid all the time.

Would like some advice :X


I’m almost just like you, except my wang is slimmer at 4.3. I make girls scream my name, but I’ve always just been so self-conscious about my size. To be honest, if I had your girth I would never have found this site. You’re slightly above average. Just focus on your positive attributes, and as far as getting pussy goes, just be confident and stand out from the crowd. (Good-looking girls have seen it all — they want something different.) Keep it in your mind that you could make that girl scream for hours and she’ll sense that.

For women, almost all of it is psychological and emotional. Do some reading on a man named Mystery (and possibly Neil Strauss) to learn some incredible things about social dynamics with women.

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I think your concerns are pretty much what most of the guys here have felt. I certainly did, even though “statistically” I wasn’t small. You’re definitely not small either. You’re longer than I was when I started PE!! In my mind I was small. Now that I’ve made some pretty good gains and know I’m not small I still struggle with some self doubt. However ,hanging around here and talking with the people on the forums I’ve made great gains toward recognizing that my penis is NOT small and my perception of it is improving. Hope- fully you, too, will make gains in size and self confidence. Wadatah has a good point, too, that how you use your cock ( and other love-making skills) is just as important (or more) as your size. Good luck and good gaining!

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Mystery has some pretty interesting theories about attraction. I’ve studied his work and it has a lot of good in it. But still, your life philosophy shouldn’t resume to the Mystery Method. The man had and probably still has problems managing relationships.

Let’s not make this a relationship/PUA/etc topic and resume with the subject. I just felt like I wanted to say the above.

PE will give you a bigger dick. But the confidence issues must be sorted otherwise.
Many girls don’t like 6 inch girths,many do. A 5 inch girth should be enough to make girls scream your name.

My advice is to PE firstly for EQ, which brings along HARDNESS. Hardness is more important than size.

I’d say the importance scale is:

Trust and Comfort >>> Attitude in bed >>> Hardness >>> Skill >>> Size

You will learn to control your jelousy, because it’s silly. Sexual confidence is a big bonus.
Stop thinking about other guys’ dicks man. Think about yours, how can you use it at its best or how you can make it bigger. Be pozitive and cut the crap.
Best wishes.

Believe in yourself, everything will get better in time. You found a place that will help and support you along the way.

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If you don’t like, work on it. Just that simple. If you are conscious that your issues with penis are largely not rationally based, you’re on the right path. Time and a consistent penis enlargement routine are the best mix for you, IMHO.

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