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Quote from a reply to thread by Slack:
Advanced exercises should only be performed on a well conditioned penis, NOT on an un-conditioned newbie penis. That will only hurt you in the long run.

So far I only know “3 months newbie routine to condition my unit”. Well, everyone has different physics (you understand what I mean, right?), will it possible after 3 months my unit is not yet “well conditioned”? How should I measure whether my unit is well conditioned for advanced exercise? or I should TRY it after my graduation just to check if my unit is ready.

Lay it on the table and hit it with a shoe, if you feel nothing then it’s well conditioned! :p

Just kidding. As you have stated, different people have different physiology so it’s hard to know a well conditioned from a fresh one. The general consesus we use of at least 3 months newbie routine is a precaution initially to stop noobs from jumping in at the deep end with the extreme exercises.

Once they have experienced 3 months of the Newbie Routine they will consider their penises differently. Who knows - they may well have expereinced some gains while they’re at it - thus negating the need for extreme stuff later. Regardless, the constant attention you give your dick over these first months is key to moving on in the future.

From your post it seems you are a little hesitant to move up to harder exercises - so perhaps psychologically you want to continue milder PE before breaking out the big guns.

It may help to know what advanced exercises you’ve been looking into before chiming in with advice…

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Thank you Drilla.

It’s not about hesistancy to move up to further exercise, it’s the INJURY that I want to keep away from. I can feel myself the newbie routine IS for newbie because it is GENTLE, and already gives me nice FL gain, and I don’t mind if I have to keep that routine for 6 months if my unit is not well conditioned.

“What next” is rather simpler question since there are lots of information in this forum, but “When” bothers me a lot, I will not try “LET’S HAMMER MY UNIT TO SEE IF IT IS READY”…lol…so, how to judge by not hammering.

Seems to me you’re already doing the best thing to avoid potential injury by simply being careful to pay attention to your penis. Due to this I doubt I’ll be seeing your name amongst the Injuries Forum…

Good luck..:up:

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

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