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Decided to start the thread.


Decided to start the thread.

Hi everybody! My name is Turnau, and first of all I wanted to say this is a great forum. Lots of good info here, but time to stop being a lurker.

I started doing P.E. Since like 10 months ago and the results are visible and I am happy with my current size, although bigger unit will bring me even more happiness. I got to the point where I got lazy and stopped making any progress, but as soon as I started increasing the workout time (weekly about 30 second to the length and girth program, 1 min to the kegels) , gains followed right after.

There is just one big problem I have been dealing with since as long as I remember.and it is *drums* .. The premature ejaculation. It’s very, very disappointing to me that I am 26 years old and haven’t had satisfying sex intercourse.yet :( . When a girl (at the night club or a house party) comes and says that she didn’t have sex in a couple of months, and wants me to do it with her, I always have to make some stupid excuse cause.I just can’t do it. I want it bad.. Sadly, can not have it.

Now I have been seeing that chick since 14 months ago and at the beginning I had to always say “no” when she wanted to have sex. After 3-4 months she started to laugh at me because of my “disability” , which was very damaging for me, especially after how she mention few times about how her ex boyfriends were good at it. Month or two later she wanted me to have a threesome with her (male) friend :( . I flipped out and said she can go to hell and wanted to break up.Somehow we are still together.

I learned how to make her scream with my tongue and my fingers (especially a thumb) , but after she lets me touch her again (I can’t touch her after the orgasm for a while) she wants to have sex, bad.

I bought some special cream that makes the penis feel somewhat cold, hot and numb at the same time, and it helps but not that much, not how I want it to be. I still keep penetrating her at very slow paste (about 1.5 second in and 1.5 out) and not for too long , cause it takes like 1~5 min before I “finish”. She keep complain that she wants faster, and I know it should be. When I start kissing her during sex, I can ejaculate even sooner.

I keep trying to find a solution for this nightmare, but no success so far. We have got to the point where she said she don’t need to have sex with me, and she loves me no matter what, although if she is horny, there is same thing going on.she wants sex! And I understand that, cause I also want it.

Now about my penis sensitivity:
When I am taking a shower and point the water flow onto the tip of my glans and stay in this position, I get that pleasant and numb feeling , but if I wait 15 seconds or so, I start to urinate. It’s very hard to keep pouring water over my glans cause besides that great feeling, there is uncomfortable one that makes me to stop after 20-30sec.

Also I have noticed that is impossible for me not to kegel during sex. As soon as I start sliding in, my penis keeps kegeling, and when I stop (still being inside the vagina) and try to regain control over the muscle, I keep getting something that it’s kind of similar to having a hiccup, except inside my BC muscle and it occurs 3-5 times per second.

Sounds like a very weak pelvic floor muscles and very sensitive penis to me, but maybe there is something else that makes me keep doing this? When I am “performing” starts and stops in the toilet, I can stop the flow easy, but almost stopping it is impossible and I end up either pissing with a normal flow or stopping it all.

Is it possible to decrease the urine flow without completely stopping it using BC muscles?

My kegel routine is 3 minutes daily (I keep increasing 1 minute every week) right after the length and girth workout. The exercises I’m using are towel raise, kegel cramp and kegel slams. As you all see I wasn’t doing them for too long :/ .

Jerking off before the intercourse helps, but not that much. Is there anything I can do to stop making my life miserable? Thank
S in advance.


Ps: I’m sorry about my poor English.

Welcome to Thunder’s.

Just keep kegeling. Soon enough you will be able to control. Give it 6 weeks.

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Don't over train!! Less is more!! Drink water!! Eat right!! Be consistent!! Think Positive!! Size is the least important factor in sex!

Just have lots of sex and quit thinking about early ejaculation. Thinking about it worsens it 100 fold.

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Jerk off like 20 minutes before you’re due to have sex.

Ejaculate and then carry on. If you find it difficult to get an erection after ejaculation, use Viagra.

I’ve had similar problem before and kegels helped me. I couldn’t last more than 5-10 minutes with slow pace. After I broke up with my ex, I didn’t want to disappoint my next (current) girlfriend so I started doing kegels. I met her after around a month after starting kegels and we’ve had sex after I’ve been doing kegels for around 4 months. Our first sex (after 4 months of abstinence) lasted around 45 minutes with varying pace. Now our usual sex lasts 15-30 minutes (both of us agreed 20-25 minutes is ideal) with fast pace most of the time. You start to see results after 6-10 weeks if I recall correctly, but you have to do them more than only 3 minutes a day. I did all sorts of set/repetition combinations, anywhere from many 1-5 second kegels to few long ones (up to 120 seconds) throughout the day. Nowadays I do them 7-10 minutes a day total, but back when I started I gradually got up to 5-10 minutes 3 times a day.

Also, give this a read: Dick Control: A Primer

Ballooning and/or edging might help you. Masturbating before having sex did not help me.

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There are several techniques wich allow you to last longer.

-Very very important! When you feel you’re getting close to a orgasm you probbably have a instinctive reaction and start to hold your breath. Don’t! Focus on your breathing and trie to maintain regular deep breaths.

-Trie to focus your attention to something else. When I get close and want to last longer I think about my accounting homework. :p

-Pull your nutsack down. Sounds strange but when you get close to a orgasm your nutsack tightens and hangs closer to your body. Pulling it down again pospones the orgasm.

-Squeese your nose. Men get really focussed on the senstations at their penis. When you feel you get too excited squeese your nose. This directs your attention to the oppisite part of your body and again pospones the orgasm.

-Relax your abdemin and leg muscles. These tighten right before the orgasm. Relaxing puts it off.

-Experiment with the depth of penetration. Some area’s are really stimulative and you won’t last long there. Trie deeper or shallower spots and experiment with the angle till you find a position in which you can last longer.

-Trie different positions. I last the longest in missionary (because than I am in control) Or when she is on top (this provides a little less stimulation) However on top only works when she feels you getting close and stops riding you.

Those are things you can apply immediately. Further you should trie edging and training your PC muslces. This explained the best in the thread Upto7 provided. I find that switching between pushing and pulling kegels during sex really helps to lasting longer.

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Originally Posted by Audacia
Jerk off like 20 minutes before you’re due to have sex.

Good advice, I have a wank in the morning if I am due to give the lucky lady a portion in the evening. It definitely helps me.

Always be cool.

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Good to have you on the boards Turnau, most of what you can do has been fairly well covered but here’s my spin.

> HappytoPE has great points on breathing, try to breath deeply through your nose.

> Cock/ball rings may be something to consider, mainly a ball ring that will help you balls hang down. But a Cock ring applied after you come and after a short refractory period may help you get back to fuller erection sooner.

> Condoms may help, there are even ones with numbing agents built in that may help you last longer like these, thought I think that these should be used just in the interim as having a Novocaine numb willy can’t be fun.

Good luck:D

Originally Posted by Kyro

> Condoms may help, there are even ones with numbing agents built in that may help you last longer like these, thought I think that these should be used just in the interim as having a Novocaine numb willy can’t be fun.

Be very careful with these and wash you dick after using them right after sex. I once didn’t wash it right after (did it like 4 hours later) and got a very bad reaction, my dick was all red and sore, burning and itching like mad for the next week or so. Even skin on my glans started to peel off. One good thing came out if it all, once my penis healed it looked really new, that is, old skin obviously peeled off and new skin replaced it, much more soft and with nicer and brighter color.

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Are you saying that you accidentally found a new way te restore foreskin? :p

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Just practice edging over and over again.

Welcome :D

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Originally Posted by HappytoPE

Are you saying that you accidentally found a new way te restore foreskin? :p

Haha, no. :p It’s just the very thin layer of skin on glans and that area around half an inch below it.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

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Hi, everybody! Sorry for such a late reply, but I don’t have much time to spend on the computer.

Thanks for the welcome and all replies, this is very friendly website and I really enjoy being here.

Like I wrote before, ejaculate before sex helps, but not that much, and I don’t want to even think about using Viagra, I think I am too young for such a drug. Plus my erections are very powerful, sometimes at 150 degrees where it’s hard to take a pee.

So I started to do kegels a lot harder, maybe cause I gain more motivation as it seems there is a hope for this shameful disfunction. I switched my routine and now the workout is performed 2 to 3 times a day at 9:30am, 4-5pm and 9-11pm. I am still doing it 4min per session, but gradually increasing the time each minute every week. Interesting thing I discovered yesterday was when I went out to the party, we smoked some pot and 2 or 3 hours later I sat on the couch and started to do quick kegels.after a few minutes I was able to separate my Anus muscle and the one that’s at the base of my penis - Ischiocavernosus muscle. I kept contracting one and then the other one in the rhythm of the music.just like I would do my arm muscles, squeeze biceps and relax it, then do the same thing with my triceps (I was a body builder for several years). So sounds like I am on the right track. I remember reading a few pages of one thread where a guy said that the muscle located at the base of the penis is responsible for stopping the ejaculation, not the Anus muscle it self, so if I keep working on it, someday it will be strong enough to stop the cum from shooting out.. Or that’s what I think.

Thanks for those tips, guys, I really appreciate it. Also, I will give a good read to that thread you posted, Up to 7. It looks like you were in the same boat I am now.

I hope in the summer time I will have a control of my ejaculation, I really hope. Have a good one.

Have you tried edging?

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