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Decided to start the thread.


Hey Turnau!

I can understand your problem, I really can because I used to be the same. Literally. Reading your post made me remember how frustrating it was for me. So I would really like to help you get over your problem because I know how much it can mess with your head.

First of all - concerning your girlfriend - you need to have an honest talk with her. Tell her that you have a problem, and that you would like her to help you overcome it because you want both of you to enjoy sex the most. I am sure she won’t mind that.

Second - and this is the most important - RELAX!!! I suppose that you are very frustrated about it, so when someone says sex you think how you cum early; when you look at porn or movies, you can’t imagine yourself fucking for that long. Well, get these wrong ideas out of your head. Right now. Because you know what? Sure, kegels can help, so can jerking off before, but what it really comes down is your head. The one on your shoulders. You need to start making some new neural pathways between your cock and your head my friend.

Start with masturbation. When you are alone and jerking off, don’t rush things, and don’t do it with a purpose to ejaculate. Do it for the sheer pleasure of playing with your cock. You can cum or not, it doesn’t make a difference. The main thing is that you don’t focus on the urge to cum.
Next, when you are with your girl, don’t feel pressured to have sex. Tell her to jerk you off, and then pay attention to how you feel, because it’s different when you play with your cock and when someone else does it. But the most important thing is - don’t think to yourself ” oh I have to try not to ejaculate ” or “oh no here it comes” or ” what if I ejaculate right away” and stuff like that. The same is with actual sex. Focus your attention on how beautiful your girl is, on her reactions to you, on how she is enjoying.

The point is - the more you try to force yourself not to ejaculate, the faster it will come. Remember - RELAX!

If you have any questions, no matter how dumb or silly you think they are, feel free to send me a PM. Like I said, I can relate to your condition, so I will be very glad to help you out any way I can.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Hey, everyone!
Yes, I have tried edging, but last time it was like 2-4 months ago, but.. Yesterday I started it again and it felt I can control the BC muscles more than before so the Kegel workouts are helping. Also when edging I started paying attention to my breath and it really helps to jerk off longer, but once I started thinking about some girl I had sex with 2 years ago, the penis started to act like it’s being electroshocked (just that slightly tingling in the glans) and I knew I need to “change the subject” in my head before it is too late. So I did that and again applied deep breathing (I keep forgetting the breathing part) and it went away : ). Looks like I REALLY need to focus more on the edging routine (my priority was to get a bigger unit, and somehow I didn’t practice the more important part, which is extend the amount of time before I reach the PONR).

Practicing with my chick it is not longer an option since we are not together anymore, but I am more happy this way and have more time to “apply” what was written in the thread “Dick Control”. I broke up with my GF because she only cared about herself .long subject and not sex related.

Thank you, Chicken for sharing your advices, it really is “uplifting” that someone was in my shoes and got rid of this shameful disorder. Can you tell me how long it took you to see some major results?

PS: I just remember when I’ve had sex with a whore (paid for sex looong time ago) it took me like 20-25 min before cumming , hmmmmmm interesting.

Well, it took me a couple of months to change it completely. But don’t worry about it. Take care and remember - RELAX!

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

UpTo7, that would work to control discoloration?.


Well that sucks my friend. But it sounds like you are on the right path with edging and breath control.

Did you know that most guys are pretty darn crappy in bed? Sad but true. Way more guys than you would think are in your situation. Ahhh but you have some serious advantages, believe it or not. You have learned that most valuable of lessons, ladies first. Many guys never figure that out.

So much of the mind set that you have been cultivating with four play and oral sex translates directly into humping. Now the fact that you have cowboy sex is a horrible thing, no doubt. But as you master the edging you will find something amazing. You are already a better lover than some guys with much more experience than you have! That is because so many guys just don’t improve. They don’t learn. They don’t have a “ladies first” mentality. They don’t develop a fetish for pleasing their partner.

Do you know why cowboys make lousy lovers? Because they think that 8 seconds is a good ride. ;)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

8 seconds with a fat cow is plenty…

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Originally Posted by 8inchM
UpTo7, that would work to control discoloration?.


I have no idea and I’m definitely not willing to go through that hell again. :P In any case, it’s better to prevent than to heal.

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Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Hi, everybody!
I did some changes to my routine and added edging every second day, making it a priority (why having a large penis when can’t use it, right?). So far I have had two sessions where I had no problem masturbate rough with two hands over 60min , but just had to ejaculate at the end.. The glans was so huge like never before :) . Man, now I really like that my unit is very sensitive, if I won’t flex BC muscles, I don’t have to worry about ejaculation, and still be able to enjoy every stroke. I used to do edging, but rarely such a long sessions, so from now on I will be doing 1 hour min.

Thank you, Chicken and Iamaru! I will keep that in my mind and will do an update on how I am doing. Later.


Just wanted to update my thread. So now I will do 60 min of edging every second day and try to ejaculate once or twice a week. Everything is going the way I wanted cause I have gained a lot more stamina and penis control when edging. Although my last session took 120 min and it gave me a doughnut effect so I need some rest : /. Later. Turnau.

Try to not ejaculate for 2 weeks while edging, it is an incredible feeling when you finally give in.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Another update:

So I have been edging, doing all kinds of kegels exercises (now I can hold a strong kegel for more than 1 minute), improving my diet (trying at least), stopped drinking any types of coffees, started to do more sports, almost quit smoking weed (the side effect is that I have more “pressure” built up in me now). I also went through this whole thread I’ve cured my premature ejaculation , and I will keep reading what I can.

Now the bad thing.
Seems like after the kegel exercises and edging without ejaculating for longer than several days, when I have to pee, I need to give it an extra push so the urine will pee out faster, otherwise it will flow out kind of “lazy”, like there is something slowing it down in the “tube”. I hope this is not a sign of an over sized prostate.
Also, now whenever I am getting horny, there is a lot more pre-cum dripping out of the glans. I don’t think this is a good sign. Sometimes it will go through the underwear and create a small stain on the jeans : / .

Anybody have also the same problems ?


PS: One more thing is that now my glans has been even more sensitive, but this may be due to the way I do stretches. After an intense stretching workout, I will get red bumps on the tip of it, and no matter how I grip the penis, or what I use to enhance the gripping power (toilet paper, baby powder etc.). So I will do an experiment and going to replace every stretching exercise with JAIs. Sounds weird, but I will give it a try for a couple of weeks just because I can not have my glans even more sensitive. This is getting too much.

I don’t know how my urine flow is… every time I pee, I “flick” the urine out by flexing my BC muscle over and over again lol.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Hi, everybody! I decided to make an update to let you guys know how is my progress.

It’s been a few months since my last reply in this thread, and I can proudly say I have made a huge progress with my “premature ejaculator” status. I have had sex twice (one was after 40min of some serious edging without letting it ejaculate, so I was very horny) in last 10 days and there was (almost) no sing of rapid ejaculation!! After all this embarrassment I went through (people with the same “dis-function know what I mean) , hard work finally paid off.
During those intercourses, I’ve had condom on and was slowly penetrating her since she is not used to my size. I was hugging and kissing her almost all the time while having sex. The whole thing lasted around 25-30min and I was sober! I don’t need alcohol to be able to have sex!! IT WAS GOOD!! I finally feel like this is not a challenge for me anymore! I can do this! So happy right now just thinking about it :) .

Now I will explain what helped me.
I have been doing all kinds of kegel exercises, but I found a towel raise, towel hold, extreme kegel and “pushing towards the tail bone” most effective. Also, getting know how to relax all the pelvic floor muscles is a huge thing when comes to battle my problem.
Besides that, edging plays a major role. I did it from 30 to even 120 min, and few sessions ended with a doughnut effect cause I was too rough (or my penis wasn’t used to this “abuse” ). Slow or fast stroking, getting to PONR and staying right on the edge (this one is very important!) , and even “hand fucking” (you keep the hand steady and fuck it, it’s the closest feeling to having sex) , I’ve tried lots of things. I also try not to ejaculate for at least 30 min.
Oh and btw, I was able once to stop the semen from shooting out using my BC muscle!!

To make my glans less sensitive, I cut off a 1” off of the silicone sleeve (made by Monkey bar) and place it right below my glans, so the skin it’s being pulled down all the time, and the head is rubbing against my jeans while I am walking.

Can’t forget about the diet.
I started taking omega 3s, stopped drinking soda drinks (I will have a glass once a week, if that) , reduced sugar and salt in my diet, and drinking lots of water now. I feel much better thanks to those few improvements :) .

One more thing happy and relaxed whenever you can. Being less stressed out plays a big role in my life, plus I am practicing a little of meditation to keep my biggest sexual organ (a brain) “in shape” :) . Peace :)

PS: This always brings a smile on my face:

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