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Dealing with a small penis

I think how hard your dick is is often the most important, I have had sex with my penis being between 4 and 7.8125 inches, but I don’t think I got that much better, the worst I was was a few months ago before starting PE again as I had shrunk over an inch due to a variety of health problems.

I am not as small as UlcasterDropout but I am also quite a big man .Even though I am not very tall, 5ft 10, I am 240 lbs at 7%body fat. The reason I know this is I compete in bodybuilding and have been tested for body fat percentage. I have 19 inch arms and 29 inch thighs . If you don’t believe me my email is and I would be more than happy to share my pics with you and chat with anyone that wants to talk. And no I DON’T do steroids. The reason I say this is because people see me and say “Hey man you’re HUGE” but when I pick up a girl I’m always concerned they are going to laugh at my dick. My Prue p.e. Stats are flaccid 3.5 NBPEL, 4.5 girth, 5.1NBPEL, 5.0 girth erect. Not the worst, but for a guy with as much muscle as me with such big legs my penis looked like a pencil OK! I know what it’s like to be made fun of and that’s something that the bigger guy’s NEVER have to deal with even though some have spathe for us smaller guys! You cannot understand what a smaller man has to go through unless you are that man. I like to swim and I remember when I was 15 a girl I liked said ,”I’d go out with you but you have no bulge in your trunks!”. What do you think that did to me mentally?! How can anyone “Large” even come close to identifying with what I had to deal with. A “friend” of mine said once while we were both changing in the gym change rooms,”Holy shit man you’re dick is SO SMALL it doesn’t even hang,HA HA HA!” That was in a room with about 20 people changing in it! Another “friend” said to me once,” You know when your spoofing a chick from behind.oh.if you are long enough for that.”. I found out a girl I slept with was telling everyone I had a “PENCIL DICK”. If only the big guys knew the pain and embarrassment!! Id rather have a dick that was too big ANY DAY than to sit and take the ridicule I have to take as a “SMALLER MAN” and to try and find a girl that likes a “Smaller dick!” I’ve been doing PE since Jan. 06 and I have made some IMPRESSIVE gains - flaccid, 1.5 inches length to 5.0 and 1.25 inches girth to 5.75 mid shaft. Erect I am 6.25 nbp length and a whopping 6.5 erect girth mid shaft. It’s UN******believable!! Thank you to all that have posted , you have helped me in ways I can never repay!! All I can say is the best purchases you can make are the bib hanger ,I use the homemade version , the ring of power that you can build yourself, and also clamping or “Constricting” with a “cable clamp” or in Canada the “cable cuff” available at home depot for 2.50$!! There IS HOPE OK!! Keep on keep on brothers!! Thank you THUNDERS PLACE you have made me a believer and saved me from my emotional termoil!! I thank you ALL!! Bottom line I know what it’s like to have a small dick and I still have one compared to alot of people here but I sure do feel alot better about myself when I look in the mirror now!! I’m not done yet!! Thank you again THUNDERS I’ve been THUNDERSTRUCK!! Again anyone want to talk message me at my email. LA-TA BROTH’S.

Originally Posted by Stumppuller71
I am not as small as UlcasterDropout but I am also quite a big man

<< 6’2” 256lb.

Sorry about the story, Hoss. No one should have to put up with that.

Originally Posted by Stumppuller71
…Jan. 06 and I have made some IMPRESSIVE gains - flaccid, 1.5 inches length to 5.0 and 1.25 inches girth to 5.75 mid shaft.

That’s pretty stellar gains.

You’ve got a good attitude, Stump. Sometimes muscle hides a flaccid as much as fat. I’ve seen some real hard-bodies with huge thighs and such a thick abdominal musculature it made their flaccid look small. But if I had my choice I’d rather my flaccid be surrounded by muscle than fat. Keep up the good work. A nice forum donator under that name will make you feel even better.

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I’m finding this thread to be pretty inspirational!

yay for thunders!

Current: (3/06/06) 5.5" x 4" (+.25EL!!) / Short term goal: 6.5" x 4.75"

Milestone 1: 7.5" x 5.25"

Ultimate Goal: Being happy with the size of my penis.

Hey Stump,

Welcome to the forum. A couple of things, first I removed your emmail address from your post to save you from tons of spam, second, paragraphs are free, use as many as you can. It makes reading your posts sooooooooo much easier, and you will find that the easier your posts are to read, the more replies they will get.

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Sorry ThunderSS I kinda got carried away with my rant so that’s why there are no paragraph indentations. I realize now that was one HUGE paragraph!! Sorry again!! I also wasn’t sure if I should give out my email ad so again that’s my bad.

I also just wanted to say that Big Girtha and you ThunderSS are two people whom I look up to in this realm of PE!! Thanks for all your posts!

OK ThunderSS , whatever you say bud. You’re quite the modest man. Peace to everyone reading this thread. Later.

I didn’t really start with a “tiny” penis, but it looked small on my frame (I’m 6-4 and used to be very muscular). So, it was sort of an issue with me, but not to the extent that I avoided sex altogether (but I did avoid the known “size queens”).

I won’t lie and say that size doesn’t matter, because it really does improve sex. But you should also know that PE is absolutely real (and you don’t have to “hurt” yourself - in fact, don't do that).

I started at 6.12 x 5.2 (about 5.6 or so base girth).
Now I’m at 8.18+ x 6.25 (about 6.7 base girth)….and, yes the sex is a lot better (but it takes more prep work, more time - no “quickies” anymore).

I used a multitude of routines, but the link in my sig - “mem’s routine” - really works. But start off slowly, especially if you’re a newbie. Don’t do the full routine, simply cut down on the times recommended - at first - and then gradually build up. I’ve been doing PE, on and off, since August 2002, and I’m still making gains.

Take heart! Persistence is the key.

1more chance,

I started out with a 5” elbp penis. It was difficult. Before I found out about PE I used to be suicidal and feel hopeless. Now, I am about 6.75” elbp after doing pe on and off for a few years. I probably would be at 8” if I kept at it consistently. So, don’t sweat it. Just keep PEing and things’ll change.

I recently discovered my wife’s G-spot, which if you don’t know is the main focus of most vaginal orgasms, for the 50% of women who actually have them. What totally shocked me about this discovery was how close her G-spot was to the opening of her vagina. When the sexperts say the G-spot is at the second knuckle, they mean it.

This fact tells me something about the importance (or lack thereof) of length, at least where G-spot orgasms are concerned. I’m inclined to agree with the gentleman above, who contended that hardness is more important to female orgasms than size. We have a female member (Zaneblue) who has repeatedly said this.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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I’m at the 5x4 state right now. I started to do PE last year but had to stop since I work 247 (no gains, will start again soon I hope) and I wanted to focus my free time on other pursuits.

Recently I got a new girlfriend and I’m actually really happy with her. My only problem was I was afraid to have sex with her. I know that she’s been with at least 5-6 other guys, I’ve only been with one other girl. I’m also guessing most of them if not all were probably bigger than me by a lot (my assumption). But eventually we did have sex and it was great. I think I pleased her in a lot of different ways. Now she’s clawing at me every time we’re alone to have sex.

As for my last ex, I heard from a friend of her’s that she misses having sex with me. Her friend said that I was one of her best partners. Again, I’m guessing that my ex has had sex with better endowed men too.

Honestly I have some major insecurities about my dick size that a lot of other guys have too. But lately I’m finding out (from talking to other girls) that while a big / modest dick is very nice for them, technique, and who they’re with, how much they like you, and your consideration towards them are also really important too.

I cope with my dick size by realizing it’s not the only thing in pleasing a girl. Form their reactions, it’s a real ego booster for me. My smaller size insecurities are still there, but it’s not keeping me down like it used to. I dunno if this helps any.. But I hope you do cope well with your size and gain your dream size that’ll satisfy your insecurities.

Modestoman’s post on the g-spot is exactly why I suggested reading the Kama Sutra, a technique I read about regarding thrusting depth/penetration indicated 10 short thrusts to every single deep one. There are many positions and variations that each are designed and intended for the couple to work in harmony to achieve that bliss/satisfaction that both partners are ultimately after.

The other day I was talking with a young lady over lunch and she really was more interested in relaying the message that she wanted to find a partner that wouldn’t hurt her in the process of achieving her orgasms over the topic. Surprised me, she actually brought it up and confided that much in me. But it tells me she either is really tight and anything is painful as one extreme. Or the other extreme, she happens to choose partners that are just too big. She’s about 5’6” tall and very slender, about 105 lbs. I had dated and had a lover at one point in my life that was nearly identical is stature. I consider myself modestly endowed by dimensions in this forum, but my previous lover had complained of both my libido and size that I was hurting her, was too big and that’s all I wanted to do, was have sex. But in my mind, I started to think well, what if I’m fortunate enough to get the call to duty and I go into it too aggressive or too passive. Either way that wouldn’t work for what she was after and I sure wouldn’t want to injure her or make her uncomfortable. Then there’s the other aspect of it, what if you didn’t bring your “A” game that day ? Was this going to be broadcasted as, small, lousy, small and lousy, what’s the difference in any of those scenarios ? Another possibility, was I going to be pumped up into the things legend’s are made of ? The point is, there was a situation where the baggage from a totally unrelated prior life experience influenced what happened at that moment, even shaped a relationship going forward. I think I mishandled that particular opportunity to experience what the two of us might have been able to become together at that particular moment in time. I found her attractive, yet wasn’t totally starstruck by her.

The main point, it’s an interactive world and potential for stage fright and other insecurities is there across the board for both parties. I learned from it, I just hope that next time, I don’t have my head up my ass and can realize that it might be the next level of intimacy and growth that I am seeking.


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