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Creatine and PE

Creatine and PE

Just a thought here. Anyone who works out and has taken creatine knows its benefits. Creatine is a natural supplement found in foods such as beef and herring, but in lower quantities than if taken in it’s supplementary form (2 grams in herring, 5 in supplement form). Creatine works by increasing water retention in all of your cells, which not only allows the cell to produce more ATP, but speeds up recovery by a good amount.

When taking creatine and exercising, you may notice your muscles will look bigger than normal, because they are holding more water, and recover faster. I believe the same will be true for the penis, what are your thoughts?

I’m glad you’ve bought this up. I’m wondering the same thing, and in that case, would supplementation aid in PE (the same supplements you would use to workout) ?

I have wondered about this also,, now what is supplement that helps with blood flow, the one that’s in Viagra and some of the over the counter erection pills ?

Increasing nitrogen in the blood dilates blood vessels. I’m not sure which products do this (but there are many), except the one I am familiar with which is my pre-workout. However, unless it is a serious medical condition, it is probably not a good idea to keep your blood vessels dilated constantly or for extended periods of time.
Edit: You can increase blood flow in many ways (thinning the blood, increasing heart rate, etc) but I believe the one that pertains to this situation is dilating the blood vessels.

But the countless hours I spent researching creatine I do not see any down sides to taking the recommended doses. Some people recommend cycling, or stopping once every six months for a few weeks (~2 months) to restore your body back to its original state and cleanse any excess creatine if it was taken too much. I don’t see any reason why creatine wouldn’t have positive effects on the penis, I believe the cells function the same.. I mean, its not like I take it just for my PE anyway - its for working out and if it has positive effects on my penis, all the better! Just felt like sharing my thoughts about this =D

If memory serves I think this has been discussed before and generally discounted which is a shame but I can’t see any harm. Good luck and keep us posted TheEngineer

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Never noticed a difference when on Creatine. But then, unless I’m drowning in porn, I’ve great EQ and good flaccid hang despite intensive hanging.

I’ve taken creatine and NO2 in the past. Creatine helped me workout more. NO2 helped me recover fast. When taking both at the same time I got both benefits. I wish I could still take these but I can’t anymore because of high blood pressure.

Creatine did nothing for my erections.

NO2 increased the frequency, firmness, and intensity of my erections like that of taking an erection pill (that I have also taken in the past) or clamping. Is NO2 in preworkout beverages?

Use of these products with a good diet will help you become healthier overall which should improve EQ. Assuming you don’t over do it.

Lastly, know the potential long term risks associated with taking these products.

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I’ve been working out the last 8 months, and taking creatine. It is amazing how much different my body looks when I stop taking creatine for a few days. Muscles look so much fuller and defined. I don’t really gain or loose water weight like most people. When I first started creatine, I gained only 2lbs.

Obviously this is my first post ever on these forums, I don’t know how it effects PE, but I never noticed any differences down there when taking creations and not doing PE.

Keep up posted with this! This sounds promising.

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