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Couple of questions

Couple of questions

1-this is my dumb question I tried the toilet paper roll test and normally I can’t even get my head in but I tried again just because and I could get my head but it would stop. If I really tried I could probably push all the way down but I would have to really push. Does that still count as passing and is it possible for the penis head to become smaller and if so will it go back to normal?

2-my girth used to be 5.6-5.7 but it barely hits 5.5 now if I’m lucky its even been smaller on some measurements? What can I do to get it back to normal? Could it be permanent?
Would masturbating to much cause a EQ problem that could cause this? To much porn.

Make sure it’s a 100% hard then try it when you have a 95% erection grab the base and shake it up and down so it gets really hard mine turns a bit purple when I do it but my cocks 110% hard lol

Masturbating too often, well ejaculating too often more so, will dis-improve your EQ. Try to edge instead of just straight up wank. Also, don’t release more than once a day as excessive ejaculation will lower your EQ.

A lot of people blame too much porn for poor EQ also.

Stick to a basic jelq and stretch manual PE routine, throw in some kegels too, and edging. With the kegels, make sure they are not really hard and tight ones as it will mess with your pelvic floor. Keep them short durations to begin with, this will help with EQ.

So can EQ come back even if I don’t do any routines and just stop watching porn or masterbating to much?

It can for some guys, yes. I would recommend edging and doing kegels, even if you don’t want to do a PE routine. These will help you control your ejaculation, improve your EQ, etc.

Originally Posted by pocketpool
So can EQ come back even if I don’t do any routines and just stop watching porn or masterbating to much?

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