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Couple Questions ADS and manual

Couple Questions ADS and manual

Hey guys,

Been jelqing 10 mins and manual stretching for about 3 weeks now, also been doing a couple sets of 10 mins of clamping, all daily. Zero gains. Only immediately after clamping/jelqing.

21 years old. Pretty embarrassing only being 5.5 x 4.5 BPEL 6” and being 6’2 and 200 lbs, hence, my start in all of this.

My girlfriend used to cum a lot in our first 6 months, in the last 6, not so much. But she reassures me I’m big enough blah blah blah lying to make me feel better.

So I have a couple questions:

Seeing as I haven’t really gotten any gains I am going to purchase an extender, but I was wondering if there’s any of you that ADS and have a girlfriend. I don’t really want her to know so I figure I can’t ADS the couple days a week I’m with her cause she grabs me through my pants a lot. How do you guys in a similar situation get around this?

Also, I can’t seem to manual stretch properly because I’m uncircumsized, have a very soft and small head and can’t pull with enough pressure that I feel a stretch but that doesn’t absolutely kill my glans. It is supposed to be done partially flaccid and not erect correct? Anyone else like this? How’d you get around it?

Also, I was wondering if gains really are permanent? A lot of articles and ADS say it is but I notice a lot of posts saying people are back because they lost gains. Is this mostly older people?

Can’t believe the size of most of you guys here, your all blessed lol


Also, does anybody have any experience or anecdotal notes while being on steroids or HGH while PE’ing. Any significant improvements over when not on gear?

Asking because progress in the gym has stalled over the past few months, so that’s probably my next step. Will just be a bonus if it improves PE too


Steroids don’t improve PE at all. At 21yo, thinking to jump on steroids only shows that you really should take things more seriously, no real good comes without efforts. First, read the most you can on both subjects : for example your routine doesn’t make any sense. 10 minutes of jelqing is too low and clamping is more likely counterproductive than useful; now you want to add an ADS : adding another thing done improperly to things that you are already doing improperly isn’t going to help, agree?

Stop clamping and give to manual PE a fair try.

I am uncut too, this thread could give you some hint on stretching
Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

If the theory behind PE is correct than theoretically Steroids or HGH would speed up the process assuming commitment stays the same. I commit myself very seriously to my strength training and schooling as well now PE.
10 minutes of jelqing is what is recommended in the newbie routine. That is what I have been following.

Why would clamping be counter productive? And how would ADS be done improperly? The subjects in the studies done on the topic had no previous PE involvement.

Appreciate the link, thanks.

Which ‘theory’ is correct? You know, if a theory doesn’t accord with results, They usually change the theory.

The newbie routine says: start from 10 minutes and build up to 30 minutes at least, if I remember correctly. However, the main point is that before even thinking to clamping you should have done several months of at least 30 minutes per day of jelqing.

Obviously there hasn’t been much studying that’s been done on this subject. So its just a theory at this point what happens on the cellular level through PE’ing. If it’s correct, steroids would speed up the process.

What I read it just says 10 mins daily.
I don’t understand why clamping would not be beneficial at a month of PE compared to being beneficial at several months

Because clamping is an advanced exercise that puts a great deal of stress on the penis. The point of waiting to do advanced exercises is to make sure that the penis is conditioned in preparation for the extreme stresses of clamping.

:_pump: :donatecar

Makes sense.

I get a full engorgement all signs are normal whilst doing it, but after where others say it stays somewhat engorged, mine kind of shrivels up except the girth remains engorged.

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