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Couple newbie questions

Couple newbie questions

Ok I’ve been doing PE on and off since May. I’ve gotten a little gain, maybe around .5 inches since the day I began. Now I’m starting to do it more seriously just about every day and I came back to forums to see what’s new. I’ve been browsing through some posts and I’ve been wondering about a few things?

1. How exactly do you jelq?…I’ve been making an overhand OK around the base of my member, then squeezing and moving toward the head then repeating. Is that how it’s done?

2. If so then what is the difference between that and uli? THey seem like they are exactly the same.

3. I’ve been doing it for 15 minutes a day. Is that enough or should i go up a little bit to 25 or so. I want to see a little more gain so I’m trying to figure out what I can do to boost my gains.

Right now I basically jelq for 15 mins then finish with a few minutes of stretching. I’m right about 7” now hoping to hit 7.5 or maybe 8”.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Good night,

hey peman
1. Did you read the faq? Jelq by applying a grip to the base of a 50%+ erect penis that traps blood and moving this to just before the glans, then use a second hand and attach a new grip at the base prior to removing the first grip and pushing this to just before the glans. Repeat. Use a variation of ok and overhand ok grips and try jelqing upward and downward. Small rotations of the grip can increase the pressure. If you do not have a greater flaccid hang at the end of the session you are not doing it hard enough.

2. See this thread

3. 15 mins sounds fine for jelqing maybe bulk out your session with stretches prior to the jelqing. A 30 - 45 min session including warm wraps should be good.

Your growth expectations seem highly feasible.

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