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Could these symptoms be indicative of future gains

Could these symptoms be indicative of future gains

I am in week number 9 of my manual PE quest. Prior to engaging in PE, I rarely had morning/over night wood and, following a session of pounding my wife, the erection would deflate very quickly. Things have now changed. I have had only one good measurement since I began PE and I found very little (read: probably none) gain in erect length, but my girth was up just very slightly and my flaccid is better throughout the day. I don’t measure because I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed, silly as that may sound. Now, here is a small list of my changes or “symptoms” since I started the PE journey:

1. Morning/over night wood is more frequent; not every day/night, but more frequent.
2. Following sex, more often than not, my dong stays hard for about 20 mins after we’re done.
3. My flaccid hangs about 0.5 inch longer than it used to
4. Raging hard wood during sex; harder than before.

I’m not sure how much of the harder wood is due to us having to use those frickin condoms. We just had a baby 4 months ago and, due to some hormonal issues, my wife won’t use BC pills. I usually bang her for about 5-10 mins raw, then, go ahead and put on the condom for the duration.

Are any of my changes indicative of future gains or, at least, that I’m on the right track towards my goal of another 1.5” x 1” of erect gains? Or, is there really no way to truly know? I really want those erect gains!

These are signs that PE truly does promote penile health. They are also signs that you are doing things correctly. They are considered by some to be Positive Indicators (PIs). Do they mean that you will gain? Not necessarily, but if you are going to gain, having those signs are a good thing. I think they are indicating that your body is reacting positively to PE and your chances of gaining are good.


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