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Correcting Natural Curve and Soreness.

Correcting Natural Curve and Soreness.

2 questions:

1. My penis has a natural curve to the left. It especially stands out with an erection (about 25 degrees to the left). One might think that stretching more to the right than left would correct this, but could it also be that stretching more the left would correct the natural curve? I was thinking that if it leans left then that means the left ligs are looser and longer so stretching the right ligs would compensate this. And I am pretty sure the right ligs are stretched by stretching the penis to the left.. Any answers?

2. When I do my newbie routine for the 2 days, it’s pretty darn sore the 3rd day (rest day) and actually is pretty sore the 4th day (which is the 1st of the 2 days in which I do my routine again). I can feel the soreness just by smackin my hand a bit into the base and this is by the 1st day of starting again (2nd rest day). Is this soreness natural? I guess I can still do my stretching but stretching down kinda is tough when it’s sore and I don’t wanna hurt myself. Maybe this just means good progress and I should keep truckin.. Any answers?


I think you contradict yourself in #1, if your ligs are loose on the right and tight on the left, you will get your dick pointing left. But ligs have nothing to do if your shaft is curved. It’s because of tunica shape. This one is hard to fix.

Soreness is ok. However, if you are still really sore on the 4th day, take a day off. Gradually you will get to the point when you recover faster.

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There are no left or right ligs. The two ligaments of the penis, the suspensory and fundiform, attach at the base of the penis under the pubic bone. Curves are caused by “defects” of the tunica albuginea. See this thread which is the same as your post almost word for word.

Soreness, especially in the beginning, is normal and expected. If you’re still sore by the third day you may be too agressive with your workout.

Johnno - Please don’t start new threads, asking the same questions, when no one replies to you. Give it time. This is an international community and people come and go at all hours. Eventually someone will reply.

thanks a lot guys… my bad westla :)


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