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Constant shrinkage because of nervousness

Constant shrinkage because of nervousness

It really sucks that I have a big dick but never show it because my nervousness gets in the way. It have trait anxiety and have always smoked tons of weed to cope with it. Is smoking weed bad for penis size? And what can I do to over worrying about everything. I don’t have anything to worry about I’ve always been a star athlete good in school good family. I’m doing great as a photographer but I have this one this in my life that sucks. My worrying about things. Penis kinda and sweating and what people think. I can’t help it. I try not to. Sorry it helps to vent on here. Any advice?

Apparently you aren’t able to deal with these issues on your own so seeking professional help is the only constructive step you can take.

I’m not a habitual worrier, but when stress hits my my dick instantly pulls a Houdini and all but disappears. PE has helped me, especially stretching and pumping. Not worrying would be the best solution but its not that practical. No one really chooses to be nervous, it just happens.

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It worry a lot but normally I play it off cool and I seem outgoing and stuff. It just bugs me but I don’t think anyone notices so it is what it is and ill just deal with it from now. Does smoking weed mess up any hope of gains?

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