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Considering Enlargment Surgery


Considering Enlargment Surgery

Hello. I am brand new to thunders place. I want to start by thanking everyone for all your posts and shared wisdom, it’s truly encouraging.

Let me start by giving some background. I am 34, 5-11, reasonably fit, been told I’m attractive, have a good paying job, and packing 4x3.75. I’ve known I was small since elementary school when I saw my best friend changing after a track meet. I though he was huge! Turns out he’s average and I’m small. My first girlfriend in high school had sex with me a couple times and quickly dumped me telling the entire school I could never please her and was small. Needless to say girls weren’t interested in me after that. I managed to get with another girl who hadn’t heard the rumor (truth) and she also told me she couldn’t feel it and moved on. My ex wife of 7 years never had a single orgasm during our marriage. I actually never gave a girl an orgasm until I was 29. My size has haunted me my entire life. I’ve been to counseling and have worked on accepting myself with great success. I love myself and who I am, I just would really more in this department and truly feel it would greatly boost my confidence and help curd the constant insecurities I battle almost daily. My current girlfriend is a total sweetheart and truly loves me the way I am, but I’m considering this for me, my confidence, and my own pleasure. She would benefit of course but it’s primarily for me. Sex is not as enjoyable as I think it would be if I were bigger. I know there are risks associated with the Dr elist procedure but to be perfectly honest the risk is worth the reward to me. I can’t think of a reason good enough for me not to do this. Any other methods aside from this to attempt to enlarge will not yield the results I’m looking for.

My question is how do I talk to my girlfriend about this? We have sex regularly but I know and she knows I’m small, we just haven’t talked about it. It doesn’t help that she is drop dead gorgeous and has dated several large athletic men before me. I don’t want to set something in motion in her mind that could be toxic to our relationship but this is also very very important to me. Any input, do’s and fonts, would be very much appreciated.


You could easily get to average size with doing pe. Free from this site. I would never have surgery this stuff works all it takes its drive and dedication.

Start out with this and read around the forum lots of info.
Linear Newbie Routine

Just start doing pe and with time she will start noticing the difference. My wife of five years has made lots of comments since I have started pe. Just take your time this is a marathon not a sprint.

You mentioned risk and reward. You’re willing to risk losing length and being left with a penis that won’t get erect. More surgery required and endless expense. You’ve found a free forum that gives free advice. In closing, you’re born with one penis. Treat it carefully.

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Take a look at this one of many nightmare experiences:

My Elist Implant Experience

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I decided to send you this as a private message, I felt it would be more appropriate.

I don’t know where to start, you did the right thing posting on this website, here you will never find judgement, just motivation and advices (hopefully). I’m going to try answer at a few questions and to give my point of view on other thing.

First, and most important forget about surgery. If your penis is working well, and if size is the only issue you have with it, forget it, don’t even consider it as an option.
Know that you can dream and read about so many things on this website, but know that the only two certainties that everyone agrees on, is that PE works, but PE takes time.
You should definitely start PE, set some reasonable goals, know that it’s gonna take a huge amount of time, but you won’t regret it…
You have more than most going for you right now, PE Is going to take hard work, sacrifice, dedication, patience…but if you do earn a good living, if your girlfriend is a knockout, and if you are fit and healthy, I’m pretty sure you already know that every good thing in life come at those prices.
When it comes to you not being able to give orgasms until you where 29, This is in no way to offend you but…what ?!?!? There are many ways to please a women, your cock is one, if it’s big it probably counts as two, and huge maybe three, but they are still dozens of ways…
Confidence in the bedroom makes ALL the difference not your size, yes I started a little longer than you but narrower as well, and girth is probably a bit more important than length for women…
Did I have any problem making them cum before, not really. Is it easier for me to make them cum now that I am a bit bigger, NO ! Do I feel better, more confident about myself, did it improve my quality of life, YES, a thousand times YES !!! I don’t regret a single hour pulling on my dick…
PE is the best confidence booster you can hope for, every .1” you will gain will make you feel so proud, so good, you have no idea…

You could be 5x5 in a year and maybe 6x5.3-5 in two…seriously if your committed, no problem !!

When it comes to telling your girlfriend about this whole thing that is really up to you, I would have to know her to give you a proper advice. Just so you know I told no one, and don’t attend to, I have a girlfriend but live alone, not telling and living with her would be impossible…obviously! From my point of view there could be as many downsides as upsides from talking to her about such a delicate matter, that is your penis size and the way you feel about it. Maybe do it if she really loves you, maybe not if your uncertain.

I’m going to end this message, I really hope I didn’t offend you in anyway, don’t be afraid of asking me any questions concerning my journey, and my gains…you can always read some of my posts and you’ll find my routine in some, and advices in other.

Start on a newbie routine, don’t get into anything to complicated at first wait and see if PE works for you if you can imagine it being part of your daily routine for a while…
I definitely hope that you will, this could change your life.

All the best.


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Sorry man, though it was a private message !!

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Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Penis surgery is not worth it. You can get bigger without Doctors cutting you up. Risks are just too big, not only that, expensive.

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Another nightmare story. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever heard a success story.

Messageman’s Journey

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks for the input all. Let me clarify some things for better understanding of my situation.

1- I am a very very busy guy and honestly do not have the time and consistency that is required for non surgical enlargement. This is NOT an excuse, it is my reality. I work 60 hours a week and am raising my ex girlfriends 9 year old son, we lost her to cancer early last year. Any spare moments I have go to him, single daddy duties, and maybe showering and shaving if I’m lucky. I won’t kid myself about my schedule. 4x3.5 is small, period. I’ve combed this site thoroughly and the gains I would maybe achieve would not satisfy me IF I could commit to the regimen, which I can’t.

2- I’ve researched Dr elists method into the ground and have had a couple long conversations with them about the facts. They have a proven 95% success rate which is real because they are accountable to the FDA. The majority of the 5% of failures were due to premature usage of the penis post op and not allowing the implant to heal correctly. Some were just failures for unknown reasons but nobody has lost their piece or the use of it. I see this one guy talking about his bad experience on here where he claims he lost length after the implant was removed due to complications. OK. A friend of mines dad died on an operating table during a simple foot surgery due to a reaction to the anestsia. Unfortunately there are risks with all medical procedures, it’s just a part of life that I accept. I had to have rotator cuff surgery last summer to repair a tear and had to go under. I could have changed my life style and lived with it but I opted to have the surgery and I survived.

3- my ex wife never had an orgasm with me. I diligently worked on improving my game and did everything under the sun. After we divorced next few girls I slept with claimed to love it. Which is great but I’m not considering this for any other reason or person than myself. Tired of being self conscious, anxious, jealous, and ashamed.

4- I can afford the surgery, money is not the issue.

5- I want a woman’s vagina to actually feel snug for once. Tired of masterbating feeling more enjoyable at times than a vagina.

Aside from a few people that have had bad experiences out of the over a thousand that have not, why would I not do this? Seems like the ticket to me.

Are you aware that any length gains you get after surgery come from hanging? So if you don’t have time to do PE now, you won’t have time to hang after the surgery either.

Also, the guy selling you on the operation, what kind of backup does he provide for his “proven 95% success rate”? Ask them for the name of 20 patients that you can contact, yeah don’t bother on second thought, they will claim patient confidentiality anyway.

And why would an MD doing surgery be accountable to the FDA? I can see implants being accountable to the FDA but not the doctor that is doing the implanting.

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Asking if there is any clients available to discuss there results is my next step. The implant is fda approved, the only one. To maintain that approval they have to provide ongoing documented success. With the elist surgery the implant stretches the length over a couple months by itself, no time required.

If you decide to go ahead, I hope you will take the time to document your success with before and after pics as well as your general post op experience. Wishing you all the best and a glorious outcome.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

If anyone has any facts about the “countless horror stories” regarding the Elist implant I’d really like to hear. I’ve only managed to find a couple online that are regurgitated all over.

Originally Posted by gprent
If you decide to go ahead, I hope you will take the time to document your success with before and after pics as well as your general post op experience. Wishing you all the best and a glorious outcome.

If I end up doing so I will be sure to.

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