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Consensus on All Day Extenders?


I say Size Genetics. It’s a lot cheaper than the X4 if you get it through the thunders offer and almost the same. Unless you need the X4 girth base.

Originally Posted by Aftershock
I mean I got blisters (those are not bad), color change (like 1-1.5cm wide red ring going around glans) that havent go away while 2 months break from vacextender and drastic pain in glans so that you cant even masturbate and it hurts bad even when you pull your foreskin back when taking a leak(this pain thank god went away maybe after a month off from vacextender, so its maybe not a permanent nerve damage).

Are you using anti-fluid tape and constriction sleeve?

Starting 06/2010 with BPEL 5.25'', EG 5''

Goal: BPEL 6", EG 5

Long term goal: 7x6

bump, any veterans want to chip in?

i have purchased the size genetics extender, will follow up with results in the future.

Does extenders also increase girth as it is said for example on the andropenis-website? If so, is it base-girth or girth in general?


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