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Confusing Units Conversion

Confusing Units Conversion

While reading various descriptions of different routines I noticed that most of you tend to report the length of your sessions in time you spend for doing them.

For instance, one user writes he does 40 minutes of jelqing for a session. In my experience, one stroke of jelq lasts about 3 seconds. 40 minutes = 2400 secs. I assume that changing hands takes a sec. 2400/4 = 600. Does it mean that this user does 600 jelqs daily? (I do only 120.)

I do PE’s in shower, so I never know much time I’ve spent for jelqing only. So I prefer to count strokes instead and I’m quite used to it. The only problem I have is that I cannot actually compare my routine to those of other members.

How could I do that? How to convert minutes into single strokes properly?

I would be glad if someone could kindly explain it to me, please. :)

I think it’s probable that the guy was taking longer - up to six seconds in some cases. Indeed some guys will give a short pause in between strokes. So It would be rather hard to compare timings ‘off the cuff’ as it were.

Also they may be taking a very light grip so the equation would tend to have some varients in their operation.

Did I really write that! `:-)

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Maybe you should consider buying a timer watch, so you can compare your routine to others.

It will be an essential tool down the tract, when doing advance girth exercise such as Uli, Horse squeeze etc.

I do have a watch. It just doesn’t work under shower. :P

Anyway, the thing I wanted to point out is that would be better for everyone if we all shared our experiences with PE in numbers of repetitions, not in time we spent for the whole session.

Why would that be better?

Well, as you can see, anyone does his jelqing routine differently. Some people give some pauses between each stroke, some for instance do first half of their routine, rest for a moment and then do the rest, some do one stroke for only 2 secs, other are a bit slower. So, the same number of jelqs take 20 minutes for one person, and twice that time for another. Therefore, although the two have practically the same routines, they are impossible to compare.

Of course, that’s just my opinion - this forum is quite old, so people are probably OK with current ‘status quo’. ;)

Originally Posted by mfalme

… Therefore, although the two have practically the same routines, they are impossible to compare.

Actually there are no two persons to do the same routine! When you say jelq, that means a different routine for each PE-er. A 6 sec. stroke is not comparable to a 2 sec. stroke, so the same number of them will never mean the same routine.

Just try to accept that you cannot compare different jelqs…

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