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Condom sizes for newbs


COCAINE? Good inspiration!!! Nothing else to add here, sorry. With a girth of 5.75” I guess I would still trust in regular sized condoms - if I would cheat with my girlfriend. Which I wouldn’t just to avoid wearing a condom ;)

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

SlamInTheLamb - oops! I thought I’d messed that up somehow, but went on my way without double checking who said what. Sorry.

ForMeAnd MyWife - can you give us a source for the condom permeability thing?

LBorn - only a lawyer with a silver cock ring would perk up at the mention of cocaine in a condom. :D

And here all these years I thought the one bad thing about condoms was they make you feel like your taking a shower in a raincoat… :)

For what it’s worth, when I started pe, my erect girth was only 4”. In years prior when I occaisonally wore a condom, regulars fit pretty loosely. A while back, I got a sample pack of “new and improved sensitivity” type condoms from (free, by the way), as the wife was wanting to get off the pill. I came home for lunch one day, we went through the samples one by one, rip one open, roll it on, give her several strokes to see how it felt, roll it off, repeat process. She noticed me struggling to get the bastards on, and made my day by saying “wow, you’re too big for condoms”. :)

They all fit EXTREMELY tight, and my girth was right at 5.25” at the time. She never found one she liked, nor did I, so we shit canned the idea. Now at 5.5” girth, I’m confident I would need a magnum or perhaps an XL if we ever go that route again, which is highly doubtful…

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At 7.75elbp X 6eg, 6.25base and uncut, I have always had trouble with condoms. I’ve tried all kinds. Often the struggle to get them on makes me lose my boner and start hoping she has an oral fetish.

Sometimes it looks like a stuffed sausage when i do get one on, and all the foreskin movement is stifled along with most of the more subtle sensation.
I’ve had them break while I was inside. Also had them roll up and pop off the tip all by themselves. Once I noticed it had slipped off inside the girl before i was ready to cum. She was real worked up so I thought I could just reach in with my fingers and pull it out without her noticing and spoiling the mood. After rooting around in there for a while though, I had to give up and tell her what i was doing. She said to never mind, that she would find it later. That just seemed weird, but whatever. I just hope she remembered it was there and fished it out before her next trip to the gynecologist.

For uncut guys, the foreskin placement under the condom is a big issue. It needs to have some glide, but if it moves too much the condom can slide forward and come off.

I bought some Magnum XL’s, and they are better than standard Trojans or Magnums. But I’ve actually been surprised by some Durex Intense Sensation brand I got in a party pak. They are thinner and studded and feel pretty good. Even though we are so focused on size in this forum, this makes me think that the quality and thickness of the latex has more to do with comfort than the size. Another brand I liked back in college is called Pleasere Plus. They have a normal sized shaft, but expand into a pouch at the head to allow greater movement. Tried them recently and didn’t like them as much, but I am fickle about condoms. Fickle like sometimes i hate them, and sometimes i really hate them.

So much of it is just plain psychological. I had sex with a girl once who was strangely repulsive to me. Long story. I was staying with her, there was one bed, and i had nowhere else to go. She was attractive enough, but something about her pheromones or the way she talked or something made me want to run away fast. I still can’t really understand why. The really strange thing was that despite the repulsion, I became very turned on. I had to have a condom though, i mean even beyond the normal reasons. It gave me that little bit of separation that let me disengage emotionally from what was going on. It was just a normal, regular sized condom like ones I have found useless in the past, but it was one of the most intense sex encounters i’ve ever had. Definitely no loss of sensation. I could feel everything. i think my dislike for her contributed to the intense sexual vibe or something.

Anyway, my point is, I don’t think the size of the condom is the only or even the main factor deciding whether it will work for you.

Hi, my girth is about 5.1 according to..


I should be able 2 fit into a large.. Anybody know anything about this? Will it fit good, is there a possibility of it slipping off? Ha ha I think most people can agree with me though that if you can fit into a large, why get a regular.. You feel better, right? Ha ha.. Me not being the biggest person (working on it. I love this site).. It makes you feel better you can somehow be considered.. Big? Well thanks in advance for any replies

Originally Posted by westla90069
SlamInTheLamb, can you provide a source for that information? Seems to me if it were true condom manufacturers would be out of business. I’ve done a quick search of the ‘net and found that condoms are semipermeable when it comes to allowing molecules of cocaine to escape when drug traffickers try to hide it in body cavities in condoms. However, condoms are recommended for safer sex practices and specifically to prevent HIV transmission. HIV is a virus and smaller than sperm cells, so one could conclude that sperm wouldn’t be able to pass through if a virus can’t. As far as I know, latex does not disintegrate or become more permeable when wet or heated to body temperature so having to remove it immediately doesn’t seem necessary.

If you have an online source I’d be interested in the link. Thanks!

I believe that there uis some truth to his statement. Last year a man came to talk to us about sex ed. and all that stuff. He was talking about condoms and when he was talking about HIV, he used a volleyball net to demonstrate, he said HIV has just thesame amount of chance of getting through a condom as a golfball (or raquetball, cant remember) does if you throw it at the net.


I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

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I’m at 5.1 EG and sometimes I have trouble getting regular sized condoms on. It usually depends on the stiffness of my erection, in other words if my girlfriend just gave me head, I can get it on lol. I was going to say though, that Trojan Her pleasure seem very easy for me to get on because of the lubrication in them is different or something.

I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

Currently: BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5 Goal: The holy grail of course. (8x6)

Lifestyles Snugger Fit works great for thinner guys. You think 5” girth is a pencil dick, try 4”, which is what I have. The Snugger Fits stay on really well for doing just about anything I want. Give them a try if slippage is a problem. I’ve slipped out of a few and didn’t even notice it until I pulled out. I do NOT want to repeat that performance!

I can’t seem to find anything but Durex around here and I’m 4” EG. Are they all the same size (I’m talking about Durex) ?

I find standard size condoms way too tight, it’s a struggle to get them over mid-shaft and then there’s marks where the latex is too tight. I don’t want them to split, but in the UK I can’t find a single place that sells larger than average condoms and I don’t want to get them online. Anyone now any good stores in your average mall or highstreet?

I generally use Magnums. I’ve used the XL’s and they fit fine, but the standard Magnum is a bit more snug, which I think is better. I’ve used standard sized condoms before and they are too tight, to the point where they are very uncomfortable. Guys, if you are 5.3” and up you should be using Magnums, at the very least for safety concerns (I.e. Condom tearing). The last thing you want during sex is a turtleneck.

There are also a couple of minor benefits from using Magnums that are not directly related to sex itself.

1) Buying them at the drugstore. About six months the girl standing behind me in line gave me a huge smile and said “Hi!” as I was walking away from the counter. At this particular drugstore you have to ask the cashier for them since they are stocked behind the counter. I had a girlfriend at the time unfortunately.

2) Carrying them in your pocket. At some point when you are pulling out cash, keys, etc., it is inevitable that a condom will come out with these items as well. Girls, whether they are strangers or your friends, will notice. Obviously you don’t want to pull out a packet of 6 or pull them out in some kind of intentional/dramatic manner—then you will look like a tool. If one of your chick friends says something, play it down. The WORST thing you can ever do is brag or talk about having a big dick! Even if you do—and I sure hope you do if you are bragging (you’d be surprised by how many idiots brag about it and don’t even have it)—it makes you look like you are trying to make up for some other shortcoming. Think about guys who brag about how much money they make or how nice their car is. Total douchebags. If you have good things going for you, women will notice, there is no need to say anything. The carrying a magnum condom or two can be played off very non-chalantly, and I can say that from personal experience it makes women very curious.

My 2 cents.

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Originally Posted by Sportsguy
Magnums -> 5 - 5.8 inches girth.

Magnum XL -> at or about 6 inches and up.

According to information that I found on one condom site, a Magnum is 6mm larger than a Trojan regular when measured across, which is .25” and then .5” as total girth; and an XL is double that. Given that average penis size is apparently less than 5”, a Magnum XL at 1” greater might be right for girths a bit under 6”.

My initial sizing trial suggests that an XL may be a good fit for 5.5” - 5.75” girth. I never realized until I recently found this forum that I was significantly above average in girth. I’d always found condoms tight and hard to get on, though I’d never had to use them much. I recently got some Magnums and XLs just to try on for fit, and the XLs seem like they are probably the most comfortable. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a partner for a full-blown test…..

The regular through XL sizes in the Trojan line all have the same relatively tight opening size, which would seem to limit the risk in trying to use a size that might turn out to be too large. And it’s satisfying to be able to try out the biggest size possible!


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SHagnasty …

Last year a man came to talk to us about sex ed. and all that stuff. He was talking about condoms and when he was talking about HIV, he used a volleyball net to demonstrate, he said HIV has just thesame amount of chance of getting through a condom as a golfball (or raquetball, cant remember) does if you throw it at the net.

I believe what this guy said is true, but you must also remember this… In health classes and stuff like that they are desperately trying to discourage sexual intercourse and all that jazz. The thing they might have forgotten to tell you is this: Condoms have so many overlapping microscopic layers … imagine that volleyball net overlapped over and over again until you are basically thowing that golf ball at a huge rope-like wall. Of course there is a chance that you can get a STD wearing a condom but it is considerably low. The HIV cells have to get through so much of the condom layers that it isnt close to as bad as you think. Why else would condom companies advertise so heavily on STD prevention! It’s common sense!

Just in case anyone reading this thread has a 5” Head EG that tapers off to 4.5” Base EG (baseball bat), and has had problems in the past with slippage, I highly highly highly reccomend the beyond 7 line or the crown skinless skin condoms. They fit like a glove, and from what I hear, the crowns are enjoyed by people with even bigger (5” + EG) because of their elasticity. And it seriously feels like wearing nothing. I ordered some, and they’re great.

I don’t wear condoms, which I know is crazy but for kicks I tried a Trojan Lambskin last night because I had a box I never used. I’m 5” mid shaft and 5.5+ base and a little more than 4.5” just below my head. I did not think the condom was tight at all or difficult to put on so I don’t agree with some of what has been posted. In fact I felt like I was too small for it.

Maybe I just don’t know how tight condoms are supposed to fit. I assume they should be tight like the sleeves we use for hanging. Is this not a correct assumption?


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