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Condom sizes for newbs


Average condoms vs Magnums vs Magnum XLs vs Magnum Twisters

Much earlier in the thread, Sportsguy wrote:

Originally Posted by Sportsguy
First thing you should understand is that condom size should be determined by your girth.

Anybody below 5” in girth would be fine with a regular sized condom.
Magnums -> 5 - 5.8 inches girth.

Magnum XL -> at or about 6 inches and up.

This is measured from midshaft. Also it could vary, you might need XL’s at 5.5 if you are more comfortable with that size, or regular magnums are interfering with sexual activity. But if you don’t want a busted condom you should definately move up when you are at or about the areas above in girth.

I was looking into this recently; tried the Trojan Magnum Twisters condom, and was curious on how they compare in size to the Magnums and Magnum XLs I’m used to. [Url=]Condomania[url] had some interesting answers for me. While they did not have size specs listed for the Magnum Twisters, they did for the Magnums and Magnum XLs:

Average condom: 190 mm long, 52 mm wide at both the base and head
Magnums: 215 mm long, 54 mm wide at the base, and 60 mm wide at the head
Magnum XL: 215 mm long, 54 mm wide at the base, and 65 mm wide at the head

This has some interesting implications for condom choice based on your shape. I’m thicker at the base, so from that standpoint, the XLs offer me no advantage over the regular Magnums. They are both equally long, so no advantage either way there, either.

So, it’s probably good for informed condom shoppers to realize that, at least in the case of Magnums, XLs and Twisters, ‘more girth’ means more girth at the top, not at the base, and not really a whole lot more at the base than average condoms. (If my math is right, that two extra millimeters translates into eight percent more area to the circle.)

For me, Magnums, XLs or Magnum Twisters are more comfortable, and are marginally more comfortable at the base, but only marginally at most. The extra length over ‘average’ condoms is a good thing.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Funny, before Thunder’s I never thought about buying the big ones. I guess because in a late 80’s sexual health/AIDS awareness workshop, the teacher demonstrated how you could take a standard condom and stretch it to fit over your entire head. The one with eyes and a nose on it. He was saying how the excuse that “I’m too big to wear a condom” is BS.

But then on the other hand, your cock will just get blood pressed out of it by too much pressure, so it makes sense that a larger sized condom may work better for some.

Most of my sex has been with women on the pill, and I have to say that when I have to wear a rubber, about a quarter of the time there just isn’t enough sensation for me and I need oral after fucking to come. Maybe with a large size condom, there’d be more freedom and movement and sensation..

I was 5.5” erect girth when I started PE about a month and a half ago and still seem to be in the same place - hoping to grow. But meanwhile, I’m gonna go out and get a pack of Magnums just to see how they feel.

(PS - my current girl, early in our relationship, mentioned that her previous bf wasn’t as long as me, but was a little thicker. I’m looking to eclipse the motherfucker).

I’m NOW proud to say that I used to always think I had a short pencil prick until I tried a Magnum without hands and it didn’t fall off, (It felt like a regular condom), I was so proud, then I met this one woman, and she said that she prefers the black and white magnums which scared the living shit outta me because she was basically telling me I better have a over-sized tool to deal with her, so I finally met her and put it on and “Holy Jake Steed Batman” it was fitting like a perfect glove without any hands. I can even stay in after I fill it up. I was always able to fit a regular magnum but the little amount of PE that I do pushed me well into the XL’s.

My first sign my girth was above average (5.5inch) was when I tried putting on a normal sized Durex long time ago. Then, I thought I had bad technique. But then again, how difficult is it to roll something down?

I had such difficulty rolling it down and it was very painful. It got over the glans fine, but the problem was rolling it down the shaft. When I finally managed to get it on, I felt like my poor penis was being constricted to hell.

Since then, I realized that my girth is above average, and now use larger condoms.

Bit of a funny story this week, I have started relations with my twin flame and we had tried a few regulars because they were on hand, but after disclosing to her friend that she had a lovely problem her friend pulled her out a box of superking pasante’s.
Tried it on and, oh man, sex with a condom has never been as comfortable. My girth as about 6 inch at the time as nothing has cemented over that yet but yeah.
I was a little worried I wouldn’t fit because online it suggested these condoms for people who were too tight even for magnums. Well shit on me.
Fits so well, and kinda has a weird appeal all by itself lying on the floor afterwards too.
If you are condisering these and around the 6” girth point, then they should fit you well. When I get back up to 6.25 it should be interesting to see, however given they are so much better than regular size, it’s still going to be nice for a while I imagine.

Length - 200mm
Width head and base - 69mm
Girth as stated - 138mm

Started at 7.2BPEL x 5.4 2016-09-08

Flucuating around 7.75 BPEL x 6.3 2017-06-12

Penomet, stretches, kegals and jelqs...

I haven’t used condoms in years. There was one left on the bed stand for years and years. And the other day I was really bored walking through the house, just finished my routine and then the thought popped up. Do you think that condom would still fit? I mean, the last time you slipped a condom on, you were 5” now you’re almost at 8 and a lot thicker as well. Anyway, I thought and thought and decided that even though its a waste, I’m going see if that condom fits. So I went to my room, took the condom out and proceeded to get myself hard. When I was hard I proceeded to put the condom on. It was really tight. Made it half way up my shaft and bang. There goes the condom. Hahaha. Well now at little over 8 inches, I still don’t wear condoms. Well currently not having sex so don’t need it at all.

Its the beginning of a new chapter. New things are scary, but not always bad.


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