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Conditioning For Clamping

Conditioning For Clamping

Hi I’m doing a lot of manual stretching because I’m mainly going for length but for a bit of girth too. I eventually want to start clamping but I am doing 20 minutes of jelqing a night to condition my penis enough for clamping. Is 200-250 jelqs a night for 6 month enough conditioning to start clamping later on? Or do I need to slowly add more jelqs each night?

Better increase intensity slowly. If you gain through jelqing you have no reason to start clamping. You only increase intensity or your routine when you stop gaining.

Theoreticly regular jelqing for 6 months should make you ready for clamping. But also then you start clamping with low intensity.

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Best Theory to gain.. PI's ! Best Routine to Start

I thought you were gonna take time off for hard flaccid?

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Ok so I can stay at 200-250 jelqs a night and still gain?

My hard flaccid went away a lot with a day break so I’ll take my chances

You pmed me about your hard flaccid few hours ago. You are not looking like somebody who can be a member of a mature and honest community.

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It has gone away 1 hour ago I’m nervous and new, sorry for being confused

Half cocked?

You see, early firearms such as flintlocks required the hammer to be moved into a half cocked position for loading. Half cock was also used as a safety in some guns because it prevented the hammer from resting on an unfired primer. But if the hammer were to accidentally fall and discharge the round, it was called going off half cocked.

So basically it means don’t get in too deep before you’re ready.

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