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Hey everyone out there, as you can obviously tell I’m new here but I hear a whole lot of “your penis needs to be conditioned” or “it will take a couple months for your penis to be fully conditioned” or shit along those lines. My newbie question is since I can’t find it in that IMPORTANT NEWBIE INFO THREAD, what exactly does conditioning mean and when do you know and I mean really know that ones dick is fully conditioned. Cause I can do those horse 440 and shit and it’s not anything special and this is my first 2 or 3 weeks so someone please enlighten me.

Just because you can do those horse440’s and shit doesn’t mean you should be doing them. Very easy to fuck up your shit, if you try advanced shit too soon. Wait until you have been doing the newbie routine for a couple of months (at least) then slowly add some of the advanced shit. This is no shit, you can seriously hurt your shit, if you are not careful what kind of shit you try on your shit.

Really, give it a couple of months before you try the advanced stuff.

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Shit Thunder, I was going to write the exact same shit!

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

No shit.

So what does fully conditioning mean? Like when will I know or is it just that 2-3 month period?

If you had started out with the recommended newbie routine, you would have spent the first 2-3 months starting out nice and easy and slowly adding time and pressure to the exercises. At the end of the process, fully conditioned would mean you have a very healthy looking well functioning penis that can endure the rigors of the higher pressure exercises without ill effect like red dots, discoloration, or erection problems.

It is not easy to go though the conditioning process, because most guys are just too impatient, jump the gun and want instantaneous results. It just doesn’t work that way.

2 to 3 months is advised. You wont necessarily know, but after that period you’re less likely to injure yourself trying this advanced shit. But hell if you want to fuck up your shit, nobody can stop you… Shit!

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Hahaha that shit, shit was funny.


Part of that conditioning process is mental also. You get to know what you can get away with and what you can’t. In other words, you get to know your dick a lot better than you did when first starting out.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

K I’ll take the advice and thanks for answering my question much appreciated. And sorry for scaring you guys I mean I’ve been doing shit like this for a a while just not strict with a schedule and logging everything so that’s the time I consider, but I’ll take your advice since you all know better than I. Thanks again

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