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Concerns about ADS

Concerns about ADS

I just used my autoADS for the first day, and there are a couple things that came up which slightly worries me. The first is that being uncut, I find I have to wrap it quite tightly around my unit; this leads to an increased “cold” sensation in the glans (is this normal?). As well, after I removed the device (about 1 hour of use), I saw that the skin on my penis had been “pinched up” and I assume this is because of how the autoADS was put on. I don’t think the latter is permanent, thank god.

I’ve tried searching this but I haven’t been able to find anything specific/similar to my case. Obviously, the best way to alleviate the stress on my unit is to loosen the grip of the ADS, but being uncut I find it slips off the glans if I don’t do so. Also, how should I be increasing the usage times, and is using the ADS is best after a PE workout?

Start: 5.50" x 4.60"

Now: 6.70" x 4.80" (Goal: 8.00" x 6.00")

Current routine - hanging/ads, clamping and bathmate

Hi Furry Mons,

I’ve been using a MaxPro ADS since early June and have had some issues, but have figured those out and found it to be an invaluable part of the regimen. It is “stealthy”, in that it has some metal rings, elastic bands, and a leather body—- nothing clunky and the unit is easily concealable. I usually wear it mostly consistently from morning to bed-time.
As for the skin-friction issue, wrapping your johnson with Theraband works perfectly. It should minimize pinching too, though it does happen.
It is a good habit to check your glans for coldness or blueness occasionally to make sure circulation is okay.

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