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Comments on routine

Comments on routine


20 year old from Sweden, trying to increase the size: 12cm erect/11.5cm girth to.. More :)

So I have been exercising on and off since april this year.
Have seen no gains, and have switched routines now and then.

Currenly, I’m on a 3/1-day routine, and it follows:

1. 5min warmup, w wet, warm sock. 50 kegels at the same time

2. 100 one-handed wet jelqs, followed by 100 two-handed jelqs

3. Next I do the ferrari pump, about 8-10 of these

4. The ferrari head pump, 8.-10pcs..

5. Just started adding a stretch exercise, the normal 4 direction stretch รก 30sec, 5 sets.

6. Warm down, w massage.

So, do you see any problem why this should not deliver gains?? Have been consistent 2 months now, very strict.


I would also ask, if another method would be better, like this:

On a 3day routine:

Day1: jelqing

Day2: stretching

Day 3: jelqing

I mean, splitting the exercises?? Could cause better effect?

Your routine looks good, although I don’t know what a ferrari pump is. The main thing is to be consistent and it sounds like you are. After two months, the actual exercise portion of your routine should last for 15-20 minutes. I don’t believe in counting reps myself, I just go by time.

I think changing up your routine is always a good idea. It helps eliminate boredom and also stimulates growth by throwing in something new that you are not used to. I would say I change things up about every month or so.

Just keep up with your consistency and don’t start doing anything so hard as to cause trauma, which will really slow things down.

Sounds like a good routine,but you might want to consider doing more kegels.And I agree with gprent,no need to count reps,better to use time as a measure.

Do you really think time is the right measure?

Because, I went that way before. On a site it said 100jelqs (5mins), but for me, who kept getting hard quite often, needed to cool down so in that given time - 10min - I probably only managed like 60-70..
Well it IS kind of hard keeping the count, 167, 168..
Positive it’s better to go by time?

So you say 15-20min only?? I triple that time.
So maybe I’m overdoing.

You will do much better when you learn how to not get hard. That really interrupts the benefits of a continuous jelq session. Just keep reminding yourself, this is an exercise session, not sexual stimulation.

Yes, however I find it harder to get hard when doing with two hands,
Speaking of that exercise, should the other hand grab the bottom shaft, BEFORE the first hand releases the glans, hence preventing blood getting in?? If you see..

Since I have the problem, getting hard, maybe I should stick with the reps-count until I switch to time-count.

Question folks.. :)

I wonder something ‘bout my stretching part in this routine;
I changed it to 4sets (30secs x 4directions), and 4 V-stretches (25sec)

This is a total of 10mins.. Is this enough stretching?

And what do you think about the “sit-down-stretch”?
I have done that for about one month consistently, noo gains in flaccid, which was the idea..
You have good experience of that, and is it OK to do it DAILY, even without warmup on the bus, school, dinner?

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