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collagen question

collagen question

I recently met someone selling collogen candy. Would these help in PE?

Hmmmmmm. Good question.

Will ingesting collagen affect PE gains. The tunica is made of collagen. To find out, we would néed to know how collagen is broken down during digestion.

I suppose it’s possible that having collagen in your blood stream could affect how the tunica heals. But would it heal bigger (good) or just tougher (bad)

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Collagen will instantly break down and denature in the extremely low pH of the stomach. After that it is just amino acids in a polypeptide that will soon be absorbed and used to make other proteins. Collagen is actually pretty fragile when it comes to denaturing. They say that it should actually unfold at body temperature but something (as yet to be identified, to my knowledge) prevents this from happening, which is very good considering it is the most abundant protein in our bodies and we would essentially be immobile, amorphous sacs of goo without it.

So not going to help with PE. Actually ingesting collagen probably won’t help with much of anything considering that it cannot survive the stomach. Just make sure you are eating enough protein so your body has enough amino acids floating around to synthesize collagen for itself.

Originally Posted by StarfighterCMD
Will ingesting collagen affect PE gains. The tunica is made of collagen.

Not ingesting but injecting. In PMMA PE collagen is used as a solvent for PMMA. Gelatin is 99% collagen.

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I take a collagen supplement. Can’t say it’s helped my dick but it sure has minimized my slight wrinkles I’m starting to get in my late thirties. Love the stuff. People think I’m 25 all the time. Including 22 year old girls;)

Perhaps a collagen cream may help you more.

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