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Cold affecting gains?

Cold affecting gains?

Oh yes winter is here and if my dick could pull back anymore I would have a vagina…

So my question is does cold affect my gains?

Do you train anyway differently during winter times?[/B]

Welcome to the posting side of Thunder’s Place philly. Unless you’re exercising outside the house, the weather shouldn’t have any affect on gains. Even then, the cold might make your exercises more difficult to do, but you should still be able to accomplish some improvements.

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westla knows more than me, but if you believe in the microtear theory, than a shriveled unit due to the cold could conceivably affect gains. Wear thermals, and do as many kegels as you can handle to stimulate circulation.

One foot to go

Thank you for the welcomes. Even though english isn’t my primary language I will try my best. :)

Oh and thanks for the tip rushmore, I think my fear for cold is at least having a placebo effect so I’ll try that kegeling.

Can I Ask You Guys A Question, Since It Wont Let Me Post A New Threat, I Just Turned 18 And My Penis Is At 6 Inches, Is That Good, Bad, ? Please Comment !

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Six inches is on the high end of normal according to most studies. It’s a good place to start PE if you want to make it larger.

(No need to capitalize every word. Thanks.)

I totally agree that cold weather does affect gains a little bit. My solution is to wear extra underwear. ( pair of boxers and a long tight cotton under wear in side) It helps a little I think. I am also taking NOX3 presently. That helps a lot as well. I also have a habit of shaking my “brother” to warm it up a bit every time I go to the bath room. I hope this help Philly.

Rushmore: “…if you believe in the microtear theory, than a shriveled unit due to the cold could conceivably affect gains.”

sixernyc: “I totally agree that cold weather does affect gains a little bit.”

Gentlemen, please explain why. And yes, I mean at the cellular level.


I believed that in the microtear theory, it was important to keep the penis in an extended state after the tears occured to promote healing in a “longer” state. As far as the cellular level thing you said, don’t push it. :)

One foot to go

“…don't push it.”

Why not? Some guys don’t care about how PE works. They just do the exercises and get gains. Others, for some reason, are very interested in how the penile structures change. My job is to make sure discussions that involve human physiology do not wander off into personal beliefs or “theories” that are not scientifically grounded. So, when someone says that cold weather prevents or reduces gains, but does not provide any proof or a sound reason, I have to question it.

Right now I’m on vacation and don’t have time to research this in depth. However, I’ll be happy to take this up again next week if you like.

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