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Cmegrow saying hi and help

Cmegrow saying hi and help

Hello everyone, I am so glad to have found Thunders!

I have been reading around the different threads now for a couple of months and thought I would pop this thread cherry and introduce myself to the community and maybe get some feedback.

First of, as with the most of you when starting out I as well was very skeptical to the whole subject of PE. I guess I always have had a complex for my penis size and I didn´t want to invest to much hope into being able to enlarge it.

Not that I am extremely tiny, (BPEL around 7”, EG 4,4”) but still girth leaves much to be wanted, and this insecurity has led to periods of difficulties maintaining an erection which makes you feel more insecure etc etc a self fulfilling spiral of negative thoughts. I have always been able to give my girlfriend orgasms and she says she likes the size of my dick, but you know how it is, these insecurities are lodged so deep in your mind.

I am around thirty years old and I guess I pretty much if not had “grown” to like my dick size, at least thought there was nothing I could do about it so I should try not to hang up my life on that.

Anyhow after having seen a program on TV which had DLD talking about PE. I started out end of may looking at the free newbie forum at MOS, followed the noob routine for a month and saw a difference in both erections and the porn´ish look of my now veiny dick. Larger part of July I was unable to PE since I spent three weeks at a friends country house. Limited privacy and shared living quarters, well you get the idea.

Got back home and have since continued doing the routine of 5 min warm-up and about 600 jelqs and some 10 minutes of stretching in different directions.

Which brings us up to where I am at now, up until recently just knowing that my dick within a year will be bigger has given me the confidence of a guy with an elephants trunk in his pants. I´m well aware of some people being hardgainers and that for some people it takes longer time than for others. But after reading peoples progress reports and not seeing any noticeable difference, my confidence has left me and I just can´t maintain it up enough to do my jelqs. This makes all my thoughts revolve around this and, well I´m in need of advice.

Welcome Cmegrow.

I started a thread a little while ago about confidence that you may find useful.

Self Esteem

Yes some people are hard gainers, but search for information on members such as Yguy, Bib, or the recent post by bennett8 - 2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures and you will see that some amazing things can be gained from PE.

It could be a matter of overtraining. 600 jelqs a session sounds like a LOT of work to me. I’m currently on a slightly modified newbie routine whereby I do 150 a session. Maybe other methods could help, such as ADS.

Sorry if this was of no use to you.


PE can be compared to a marathon. Slow and steady get a bigger dick.

600 jelqs is lot of work. Could lead to over training of your Unit. Over trained dicks don’t, Imo, really respond to workouts. Ease up a little. Cut your jelqs to about 200-300 per session. Get rest days in between. 2 on 1 off or 2 on 2 off etc , anything that can give you about 2 full days of rest. I prefer more rest.

Read through the clamping routines. They are fantastic for girth gains. But, make sure you are well conditioned for them before you try them. Erect bends, Ulis, Horse 440 are all advanced exercises that pack a punch to your PE routine. Make a program that gives you a good workout. If you are unable to square in on any routine, make a post here . Someone is sure to come up with an action plan for you.

Maintaining a positive attitude helps. Everything is lost when you lose hope. Work consistently & persistently. You will see the results. Good luck and Welcome to Thunders.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Thanks guys for your replies. Yeah I´ve been thinking about cutting back the jelqs to about 300. I have already gotten my clamps in the mail, just waiting a couple of months until I can start fattening up the old trooper. I was doing the jelqs at a pretty high erection level to focus on girth, plus that´s the only way I felt that I could really feel the blood going up the head. But ofcourse always listening to my body so that I won´t hurt myself. Anyway thanks again.

There are two things that I think will help you. I started out very small and gained more girth than length so then I stopped doing the following two things for now. But I really believe they created quick girth increase:

1) fully-erect jelq. I know this is considered risky but because I was so small, I had no choice. I could hardly fit one hand around my shaft, let alone two. The important thing here is to NOT do it for too long. 10 minutes with 5-second strokes, fully-erect. Do this every OTHER day, to give yourself time to heal.

2) “Tissue Breakdown Massage.” This is what I call this and I stopped doing this as well because I think it created more girth than length. You do this when you are COMPLETELY FLACCID! Hold each part of your shaft between the thumb and index finger, one step at a time, front/back and left/right. While you are in each position, squeeze pretty hard and massage for about 5 seconds in each position. Do this on the same days that you do the jelqing, every other day.

Start: (6-27-03/at age 45) 3.75" BPEL, 4.75 EG". Current: 6" BPEL, 5.5" EG ... Update (2/2010): My current love doesn't want me any bigger... can you believe it? So, I've decided to take a break from PE. But I'm still happy to inspire people and respond if you contact me.

My Pics

Thanks for the great advice guys. I will definetly put this into work, and congrats to the gains.


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