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Clicking noises

Clicking noises

Hi guys, yes another lurker for a few weeks, never needed to post until now so here goes, can anyone relate?

I have been doing some overhanded jelqs but with a firm to very firm grip, mostly on a 6 o’clock direction, kind of like a Uli I suppose! Anyway( I find it stretches at the same time) I have only been PEing for about a week and have heard and felt some, what I can only describe as clicking noises from withing my pubic area. It is just one short click and then it’s over. It does not hurt and has no side effects up until now anyway, but wondered if anyone else has had the same feelings/noises. I have heard it as many as twice a day ( I try to do some of these dry jelq/stretches whenever I use the toilet or when I have 5 mins at home. Have noticed a much fuller hang since starting and have taken initial measurements so I suppose only time will tell if it is beneficial.

Have also purchased the Andro medical traction device and wonder if any success stories out there.

Would appreciate any feedback on these topics.

Thanks in advance

Search on “lig pop”.

Oh welcome to the forum. Guaranteed Anne Robinson free.

Thanks, didn’t know where to start.

Have done my research and still a bit confused. I see a lot of people hear it, does it mean anything? Am I pulling to hard? Has any injuries been recorded?. Would like my mind put to ease so that I can apply the right amount of pressure(if there is such a thing)

Thanks again, all comments appreciated.

>does it mean anything? Am I pulling to hard? Has any injuries been recorded?<

No to all those. Some people get them some people don’t.


Easily pleased.

Thanks for the replies.

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