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Clamping with hands

Clamping with hands

Every time I have an erection, alone or with my partner, my penis is really hard but it isn’t “full of blood” as it might be.

When I clamp my penis with my hand and kegel to keep more blood into, my penis gains an inch in girth and veins seem to explode. It’s something visible but also it’s something that my partner can feel, inside her mouth and her pussy.

I have seen many porn videos and the majority of male pornstars don’t grow if they clamp penis at the base with their hands (for example, if you watch Rocco, Lex Steele, Ramon, Mandingo, they always keep the same size in erect state, without growing anymore).

Any experience like mine? Do you think it’s only correlated to my “flexible skin”? And do you think I will reach with PE my “clamped size” without clamping my penis at the base?

Before PE I didn’t know clamping but I’m sure that I have never reached my clamped size.. Now I think my actual clamped size is my goal in PE and it’s so sad reaching it only for few minutes… It makes me furious!!!

I want more. For myself only.

Everyone can achieve a larger penis by clamping like that it doesn’t mean that is your max size. I see a lot of guys in porn grab their base but they are never really squeezing hard.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

A lot of time porn stars with already great EQ are taking Viagra or something giving them greater expansion and more vascular look.

Sexually enlightening my generation one pussy at a time(sometimes 2 ;) ).

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